Opportunities for Doctoral Research

Doctoral research at our institute attracts highly qualified students from all over the world. Currently, there are more than 20 doctoral students in the Business Chemistry Group, researching interdisciplinary topics across our four research themes.

Our doctoral students have published their research results in leading academic journals, e.g. Energy & Environmental Science, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and Nature Energy.

Our doctoral programme is aimed at students who hold a qualifying degree in natural sciences (e.g., business chemistry, chemistry) or social sciences (e.g., business administration, management with engineering). Moreover, we are looking for students with a passion for interdisciplinary research, curiosity and excellent academic performance.

The doctoral programme develops researchers for careers in academia, industry and public service. Graduates of the programme have careers in companies like BASF, BMW, Deloitte, Evonik, EY, Henkel, McKinsey, Merck and Porsche Consulting. Others have secured faculty positions at prestigious institutions like the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), the University of Bonn (Germany), the University of Glasgow (Scotland) and the University of Technology Sydney (Australia).

Doctoral research in the Business Chemistry Group offers:

  • an interdisciplinary research environment with international recognition.
  • the opportunity to obtain a Dr. rer. nat. (natural science pathway) or a Dr. rer. pol. (social science pathway) doctoral degree.
  • the co-development of the doctoral thesis topic, taking into account your individual research interests.
  • the opportunity to research topics relevant to the economy and society and to make a contribution to innovation and sustainability.
  • strong interpersonal connections between faculty and doctoral students in a dynamic and diverse team.
  • the option to spend time abroad and conduct part of your doctoral research at leading universities and research organisations (e.g. University of Cambridge, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory).
  • excellent relationships to industry partners and local research institutions (e.g. Fraunhofer FFB, Fraunhofer IME, Helmholtz-Institute Münster).
  • a vibrant, cosmopolitan and student-friendly location: the city of Münster.
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Doctoral research pathways

Here you can learn more about the different pathways to a doctoral degree and the student experience.

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Open positions

Here you can find vacancies for research assistant positions with the opportunity to obtain a doctoral degree.