Implementation of the Thin-Film Equation on Prestructured, Switchable Substrates Using the oomph-lib Library
created by Janik Suer, Moritz Stieneker, Svetlana Gurevich, and Simon Hartman

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  • Overview of available auto07p Tutorials 
    The text briefly introduces the "Münsteranian Torturials on Nonlinear Science", a series of hands-on tutorials on the practical application of numerical path-continuation methods for problems in soft matter and pattern formation. A recommended sequence of working through the tutorials is laid out and for each tutorial an abstract is given.
  • Steady drop and film states on a horizontal homogeneous substrate

    01drop Edit

    This tutorial explores an equation for steady drop-and-hole solutions derived from the dimensionless thin film (or lubrication) equation. You will calculate steady solution of the equation by continuation in a number of different control parameters (domain size, mean height).
  • Steady drops on a heterogeneous substrate under lateral driving
    This tutorial explores steady drops on a surface with heterogeneous wettability under the influence of lateral driving. You will calculate these steady states as a function of continuation parameters: domain length, heterogeneity strength and driving parameter.


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  • Steady and time-periodic states of drops on a rotating cylinder 
    The tutorial employs continuation techniques to calculate steady and time-periodic drop states on a rotating cylinder.  You will investigate depinning transitions that occur when the rotation speed of the cylinder is increased similar to the depinning of drops on heterogenous substrates.
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