Melanie Gleske (*1999 in Hamm) began her Biosciences studies at the University of Münster in 2016. In her Bachelor’s thesis in 2019 she investigated tonal song and the so-called upper vocal tract filtering in European robins under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Franz Goller at the Institute of Animal Physiology. During the following Master’s degree, she focused on research questions in behavioural and evolutionary biology (Special Study Program Evolution & Biocomplexity). She finished her studies in 2022 and completed her Master’s thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Helene Richter and Prof. Dr. Sylvia Kaiser in the Department of Behavioural Biology. There, she examined optimism and pessimism in mice and compared two cognitive judgment bias paradigms. Since July 2022, Melanie is employed as a research assistant in the Department of Behavioural Biology and is exploring the effects of different social environments on niche conformance in male guinea pigs for her dissertation as part of the Collaborative Research Centre NC3 (SFB-TRR 212).