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Structure of the SãMBio Program

In the 1st semester, all students in the SãMBio program will attend courses at their home university. In the 2nd semester they will have the chance to profit from the complementary course program of the partner university as well as to contribute to the respective research. At the end of the 2nd semester, the students will then decide whether they want to prepare their MSc thesis at the USP or WWU. In both cases, they will be jointly supervised by scientists of both universities.

  • Overview Curriculum

    1st Semester
    Attending courses at home university
    (October - March)
    2nd Semester Attending courses at partner university
    (April - September)
    3rd Semester Preparation of MSc thesis at the University of Münster or the Universidade de São Paulo
    (October - September)
    4th Semester

  • Courses in the 1st semster

    Participants of the double degree program will start the 1st semester at their home university.
    In addition to the regular courses, the following double degree specific courses will be offered.

    WWU-USP preparatory course (Course No. 130398)
    To get ready for their stay abroad, all participants will attend the newly established WWU-USP preparatory module which is equivalent to an advanced module (Fortgeschrittenenmodul) and will consist of:

    • Advanced module Molecular Physiology (Course No. 130226)
    • A weekly Portuguese language classes
    • An intercultural training

    Welcome week

    During the welcome week, which will alternately take place in Münster or São Paulo, all participants of the double degree program will meet up. During joint leisure activities, the students will have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other and to share helpful advice concerning life in Germany and Brazil.

  • Courses in the 2nd semster

    During the second semester, all students will attend courses at the partner university where they have to earn 30 ECTS.
    The semester starts with the integration days in which the students:

    • Enrol at the university
    • Register for courses
    • Get a health insurance
    • Open a bank account
    • Tour the city and university

    At USP, the following courses will be offered:

    Fortgeschrittenenmodule/Advanced Modules
    Forschungsmodule/Research Modules

    At the WWU, students can attend advanced and research modules, which can be found in the module handbook.

  • Examination regulations SãMBio

    Details on the program and the specific examination regulations can be found in the academic agreement between the WWU and the USP.

    Academic agreement-DE

    Academic agreement-PT