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Dr. Christian Fufezan
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Dr. Christian Fufezan
Institut für Biologie und Biotechnologie der Pflanzen
Cellular and molecular functions of reactive oxygen species
  • Research

    • Protein turnover and reactive oxygen species
    • Computational Biology
  • Publications


    Beck Florian, Geiger Jörg, Gambaryan Stepan, Loroch Stefan, Mattheij Nadine, Mindukshev Igor, Pötz Oliver, Fufezan Christian, Heemskerk Johan W. M., Walter Ulrich, Zahedi René P. and Sickmann Albert (2016)
    Time-resolved phosphoproteomics points to novel central nodes in platelet activation and inhibition
    _ Blood pp accepted

    Hochmal Ana Karina, Zinzius Karen, Charoenwattanasatien Ratana, Gäbelein Philipp, Mutoh Risa, Tanaka Hideaki, Schulze Stefan, Liu Gai, Scholz Martin, Nordhues André, Offenborn Jan Niklas, Petroutsos Dimitris, Finazzi Giovanni, Fufezan Christian, Huang Kaiyao, Kurisu Genji and Hippler Michael (2016)
    Calredoxin represents a novel type of calcium-dependent sensor-responder connected to redox regulation in the chloroplast
    _ Nature communications accepted pp

    Kremer Lukas P. M., Leufken Johannes, Oyunchimeg Purevdulam, Schulze Stefan and Fufezan Christian (2016)
    Ursgal Universal Python Module Combining Common Bottom-Up Proteomics Tools for Large-Scale Analysis
    _ Journal of Proteome Research 15 pp 788-794

    Perez-Riverol Yasset, Gatto Laurent, Wang Rui, Sachsenberg Timo, Uszkoreit Julian, da Veiga Leprevost Felipe, Fufezan Christian, Ternent Tobias, Eglen Stephen J, Katz Daniel S, Pollard Tom J, Konovalov Alexander, Flight Robert M, Blin Kai and Vizcaino Juan Antonio (2016)
    Ten Simple Rules for Taking Advantage of git and GitHub
    _ PLoS computational biology accepted pp

    Richter Andreas S, Hochheuser Caroline, Fufezan Christian, Heinze Laura, Kuhnert Franziska and Grimm Bernhard (2016)
    Phosphorylation of GENOMES UNCOUPLED 4 alters stimulation of Mg chelatase activity in angiosperms.
    _ Plant physiology pp


    Alings Fiona, Sarin L Peter, Fufezan Christian, Drexler Hannes C A and Leidel Sebastian A (2015)
    An evolutionary approach uncovers a diverse response of tRNA 2-thiolation to elevated temperatures in yeast
    _ RNA 21 pp 202-212

    Bergner Sonja Verena, Scholz Martin, Trompelt Kerstin, Barth Johannes, Gäbelein Philipp, Steinbeck Janina, Xue Huidan, Clowez Sophie, Fucile Geoffrey, Goldschmidt-Clermont Michel, Fufezan Christian and Hippler Michael (2015)
    STATE TRANSITION7-Dependent Phosphorylation Is Modulated by Changing Environmental Conditions and Its Absence Triggers Remodeling of Photosynthetic Protein Complexes
    _ Plant Physiology 168 pp 615-634