6th Indian Chitin and Chitosan Society Symposium - ICCSS

Our Indian


partner, Prof. Appa Rao Podile from University of Hyderabad, with whom we already collaborate successfully for more than ten years, had organised this year’s annual meeting of the Indian Chitin and Chitosan Society -


in direct continuation of our Nano3Bio dissemination meeting, so that members of the society could easily attend the “Future of Chitosans” meeting, and the Nano3Bio partners could equally easily attend the ICCSS. Both Bruno Moerschbacher and Francisco Goycoolea were invited to give plenary talks, on chitin perception in higher plants (i.e., Ekaterina Gubaeva’s and her colleagues work) and on chitosan nanoformulations for biomedical applications, respectively. Stefan Cord-Landwehr presented Tobias Weikert’s and his and his colleagues’ work on a new classification system for chitosanases (for which he was awarded the ‘best oral presentation’ prize), and Sruthi Sreekumar presented her and her colleagues’ systematic analysis on a possible influence of size on the bioactivities of chitosan nano- and microparticles. In addition, Christoph Engwer (who was awarded a ‘best poster’ prize) and Stefan Hoffmann from Francisco’s group presented their results on two posters. Bruno, as current president of the European Chitin Society -


, Francisco as EUCHIS board member and former founding president of the Ibero-American Chitin Society - SIAQ, and Prof. Martin Peter, as founding member, ex-president and current secretary of EUCHIS, were invited to a board meeting of the ICCS where Bruno initiated the discussion on possible future closer collaborations of the societies. This concluded our very busy and very successful week in India.