Welcome to the Book Studies Library in Münster!

Important note (as of February 2022): The Book Studies Library is moving to Johannisstraße, where it will be integrated into the English Department Library (https://www.uni-muenster.de/Anglistik/Bibliothek/). Please note that the move is taking place by shelfmark and in alphabetical order. There is signage in the Aegidiistraße which will indicate which books you can find where, but you can also use the library catalogue (the shelfmarks will indicate the location as well). Thank you for bearing with us during the move. We look forward to being in one space with the rest of the books and media belonging to the English Department!  

The Book Studies Library is a highly specialized collection comprising of about 9,000 volumes. It is open to all students at WWU.
As part of the restructuring under the new direction of Prof. Norrick-Rühl, we are currently updating the Book Studies library! Book suggestions can be made to Frau Hötker-Bolte.

In due course, we will make information on new acquisitions available here.


  • Using the Library

    Using the Book Studies Library under Corona restrictions


    The Book Studies Library is open for use. There are still COVID protection measures in place; please check the ULB page (https://www.ulb.uni-muenster.de/) for further information and details. Please note that as of August 30, 2021, the libraries of the English Department are no longer offering additional borrowing services.

  • Book Studies Library Terms of Use

    The "Book Studies" library is a reference library, i.e. the books cannot be borrowed (this applies to weekends as well). Scans and copies can be made at the library's own copier (operated with your MensaCard).

    Research computers
    For research in the university catalogues (OPAC etc.), students have a total of four computers at their disposal, three of which can also be used for Internet research.

    Rules of conduct in the library
    Coats and bags must be deposited in the vestibule or in the lockers before entering the library.
    Food and beverages are not allowed in the library rooms.
    Smoking is also strictly prohibited in the library rooms.
    Please present any materials (especially your own books or books from other libraries) to the person at the library information desk when entering the library.