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Information About the Book Studies Library

The Book Studies Library is a highly specialized collection of roughly 9,000 volumes, including but not limited to books on the topics of book history, manuscript culture, print culture, twenty-first century book culture, authorship, reading, publishing, and distribution. Previously an independent collection, it has been fully integrated into the English Department Library and can be found in room 208.

In addition to scholarly volumes, the library is also home to the Mini Zine Library. Zines are small booklets often associated with subcultures and DIY production practices. The Mini Zine Library includes English-language zines in different formats and on a range of topics, and also offers students a chance to make their own one-page mini zine.

For information on opening times and the library’s terms of use, or to listen to the audio tour, please visit the website of the English Department Library.

We are always happy to receive book suggestions – please do reach out to Birgit Hötker-Bolte with any suggestions.