Book Studio
© E. Heinz

Welcome to the Book Studio webpage – we are glad you are here! Since 2020, the Book Studio has been a creative space for exploring the materiality of the book. Through a range of different workshops and events, we offer staff and students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in book binding, printing, paper marbling, and more.

While some of our workshops are organized every year, such as our popular holiday card workshop, the Book Studio also offers various special events, such as our 2021 pamphlet workshop or our 2024 lettering workshop. For more information on upcoming events hosted at the Book Studio, feel free to register on the Book Studies mailing list. For more information and updates, you can also follow us on Instagram.

Here’s a glimpse of our past projects:

Paper marbling
© Ellen Barth
Our “pamphlet construction/destruction” workshop
© Ellen Barth
Our beloved holiday printing workshop
© Ellen Barth
One of our zine workshops with Dr. Louisa Preston
© Ellen Barth
Making community cookbooks
© Ellen Barth
Our holiday printing workshop (again)
© M. Razakamanantsoa

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