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For Students

Why Idea Mining?
Idea Mining allows you to directly apply your academic know-how to real-world problems. It is an opportunity for students and researchers who are open to new ideas to become acquainted with creative problem-solving processes and apply them accordingly. Our workshops focuses on thinking outside the box and using methods which encourage unconventional approaches.

How do I benefit by participating?
Idea Mining offers you an easy way to forge contacts with decision-makers in business and society. Participants become acquainted with creative thought processes and methods for solving real-world problems and gain insights into subject areas outside their field of expertise. Furthermore, Idea Mining is a recognised General Studies course, for which students can earn two credits.

What is Idea Mining?
Idea Mining usually consists of a one-day workshop. Throughout the day, a group of students and civic and business representatives work together to come up with concrete solutions to an actual problem. Under the supervision of several moderators and using various creative techniques, the participants brainstorm and develop ideas all day long. As the workshop progresses, one begins to see how the different methods interweave and produce results.

How and where can I sign up?
You can register for a workshop by either signing up via HISLSF or by sending an email to:  ideen.mining@uni-muenster.de.

How do I know when an Idea Mining workshop will take place?
All dates of upcoming sessions are posted here. We also have an email list to inform interested participants of future workshops. If you wish to receive the latest news and updates on Idea Mining, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter. Just send us a short email with the heading "Eintrag Newsletter" to: ideen.mining@uni-muenster.de.