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Why Idea Mining?
Idea Mining is based on the concept "One Day, One Team, One Hundred Ideas". During Idea Mining sessions, the creative potential of "our" and "your" mind are combined in order to develop innovative solutions. Creativity emanates from chaos, but when structured, it becomes a plan. A small bonus: you gain direct access to potential future employees.

What does Idea Mining accomplish?
Idea Mining encourages participants to think "outside the box" and come up with entirely new approaches to thorny problems. The creative process and psychological stimulation enable the participants to develop new impulses. Old habits prevent imagination from taking flight. Various creative methods help break down conventional thought patterns and open new perspectives on the issues. These impulses serve as catalysts for innovative solutions and developments. The Idea Report documents all ideas produced during the day and serves as the basis for implementing the results.

What type of problems and questions is Idea Mining suited for?
Idea Mining has proven helpful in numerous areas of application, such as marketing, personnel development and strategic development. A kind of creative all-purpose tool. Throughout the Idea Mining process, participants tackle questions in diverse areas. The field of application ranges from strategy-related issues to the development of technical products, marketing strategies and the development of organisational structures.

What is so unique about Idea Mining?
Idea Mining brings science and practical application together in an unconventional manner. As our client, you are invited to sit together not only with experts, but also researchers and students from completely different disciplines. This heterogeneity is key to producing new ideas and arriving at new solutions as the group proceeds to interactively overcome cognitive barriers under the supervision of a professional moderator. Both scientific know-how and practical experience form the basis for an extremely innovative problem-solving process.