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African movie night - Friday, 27th May 2016

Checkpoint AfrikaCheckpoint Afrika 2-1

The movie (140 min.) of the Ethiopean movie maker Haile Gerima tells the story of a young man, Anberber, who retourns back to his home country being a well qualified doctor after having studied medicine in Germany. His political and professional idealism encounters the hard reality of the totalitarian system in the communist governed Etiopia.
Necessarily worth seeing! The entrance is free.

Time: 19.30 o'clock
Venue: Café Couleur
Organiser: Checkpoint Afrika e.V.
E-mail: radiomj@web.de


Football tournament - Saturday, 28th May 2016

Fu _ballturnierFu _ballturnier 2-1

It's time again for the international football tournament. We are looking forward to an entertaining competition with many teams!

Time: to be confirmed
Venue: in front of the castle
Registration under: bruecke.fussball@uni-muenster.de or in the Café Couleur

Opening of the 16th African Festival - Thursday, 02nd June 2016

AfrikafestivalAfrikafestival 2-1
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The 16th African Festival will take place this year from 2nd to 12th June. Flight and migration seem currently as the keywords of the political discourse in Europe. But also many African countries have to acccomodate new people and provide for them. The motto of this year's African Festival is "switch the perspective (Perspektive wechsle dich) - fleeing and arriving in Africa and Europe" and wants to take a closer look as well to the reasons of flight as to the challenges of integration especially in African countries.

Time: 18.00 o'clock
Venue: Café Couleur
Organiser: Afrika Kooperative e.V.
E-mail: info@afrika-kooperative.de