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Lounge concert - Thursday, 23rd June 2016

WohnzimmerkonzertWohnzimmerkonzert 2-1

We invite you to a special musical lounge concert in cosy atmosphere at the Café Couleur.
Very important: please bring a pillow with you.

Time: 19.30 o'clock
Venue: Café Couleur
Contact: Patricio & Paz
E-mail: zalonaranjo@gmail.com & mpaz.miritu@gmail.com


Brasilidade - Saturday, 25th June 2016

Brasilidade 21.2016.jpgBrasilien Brasilien 2-1
© Brücke

Big São João Party - typical Brazilian Johanni party. June is the month of the holy João, Pedro and Antonio. These feasts in June are called Joanina-party in honour of  São João. The folk dance "Quadrilha" belongs to it.

Time: 15.30 o'clock
Venue: Café Couleur
Contact: Josy & Katy
E-mail: j_rodr02@uni-muenster.de & k_cord02@uni-muenster.de

Volleyball tournament - Saturday, 25th June 2016

with the Erasmus Münster association
VolleyballHochschulsport Volleyball 2 1
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© WWU - Hochschulsport

We will play volleyball together with the Erasmus students. It's all about having fun! So join us even if you are not a professional.

Time: 12.30 - 18.00 o'clock
Meeting point: to be announced
Contact: bruecke.events@uni-muenster.de
Registration: to be announced

Impeachment - Tuesday, 28th June 2016

© Brücke

What is the impeachment process? Is the process equal in Brazil and in Germany? Why is the vice-president that important in Brazil? What is the difference between the Brazilian presidencialism system and the German parlamentarism? What is the role of the Supreme Court, the Senate and the Lower Court in the impeachment process? What is acutalle happening in Brazil nowadays?
If you like to have more juridical information on these questions, you are very welcome to join the lecture with Prof. Dr. Ana Beatriz Ferreira Rebello Fresgrave (UFRN - Brazil).

Time: 18.00 o'clock
Venue: Café  Couleur
Contact: Katy
E-mail: k_cord02@uni-muenster.de

Returning to your home country or starting a career in Germany? - Thursday, 30th June 2016

R _ckkehrFlaggen International 2 1
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© Photo-Beagle/Photocase.com

You are originally from a developing country or an emerging nation? You are thinking about going back to your country of origin to pass on your know-how and to be part of the progress on-site? Gerd Müller, working at the centre for international migration and development in Eschborn gives information about the "programme returning professionals". The German government supports with this programme professionals who are interested in returning to their home countries and who are at the same time eager to participate in the development cooperation.

Time: 19.00 o'clock
Venue: Café  Couleur
Contact: Dana Jacob
E-mail: diebruecke@uni-muenster.de