60th Anniversary "die Brücke"

We are celebrating birthday the whole semester long! "Die Brücke" turned 60! We have celebrated this event during the winter term 2016/17 with different festivities. The motto was: 60 years "die Brücke!


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© Brücke
© Brücke

For the OPEN HOUSE on January, 26th, 2017 we have chosen the motto "encounter, discover, remember". Further information on these topics can be found when scrolling down.

Our opening hours on this day were from 11.00 o'clock to 20.00 o'clock. We didn't offer lunch but we provided small snacks and drinks. From 18.30 o'clock one of our popular lounge concerts took place - this time our guest was Janna Leise. 

© Brücke

Encounter (Café couleur)

On this day you had the possibility  to get to know the whole Brücke-team including all student's assistants. We presented you our current projects, told you what they are about and which aim they have. Not to forget is our welcome office, which helps from Monday to Friday answering the questions international students may have.
Additionally we had some interactive things to experience and to try, and we hope you had fun with it!

Discover (Room 108)

The topic escape is also a topic we deal with, especially concerning students who are refugees. This group of young persons is a new target group of international students and we gladly presented our work and offers in the field of students with refugee background.

© Brücke

Remember (Room 106)

What is the history of "die Brücke"? How did this institution arise and which changes has it gone through within the last 60 years?

You are supposed to know the answers now!

What else?

Apart from that we offered you drinks and small snacks and in the late afternoon had one of our famous lounge concerts. The performance of Janna Leise was wonderfully melancholic, with soft guitar sounds and a great voice!