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On this page, you will find all the important current information about the Institute of Business Administration.

Diapharm at the ISBC-Symposium

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The sixth ISBC Symposium of the study programme business chemistry took place on 13. and 14.07.2017. In total, 33 students presented hot topics from the field of innovation management, which they had researched for over two months as part of the course “Advanced Innovation Management”. The symposium was opened by Mr. Ralf Sibbing (Managing Director Diapharm) with a presentation on “Consumer Healthcare”. We congratulate Jannis Christodoulou who was granted with the best term paper award for his research on “The Interdependence of Creativity & Innovation”.

Evonik Chemtrepreneur

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In the beginning of December a selected group of business chemistry students were guests of the CREAVIS, the strategic innovation unity of Evonik Industries. The day was all around the ‚Chemtrepreneur-Challenge‘, which refers to ‘Höhle des Löwen’ and faced the students with the defiance of product development and entrepreneurship in a company. With the support of advisors and their selected research topics, the teams developed a product as well as a business canvas, which were presented by a pitch ahead of a jury. Intensive and creative team work under time pressure created fascinating ideas and expected a fast learn willingness and ‘the power to create’. The team with the topic 3D printing secured the victory and thereby next to the cup the chance to the admission to the Evonik Perspectives student support program.

Video-Podcast with the Chancellor

Die Kanzlerin Direkt Folge 17 17 1920
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Prof. Dr. Nathalie Sick discussed during the series “Die Kanzlerin direkt” (the federal chancellor direct) with Dr. Angela Merkel the topic batterie research from an innovation management point of view. She interviewed the federal chancellor about current challenges like the successful transfer of results from the battery research to the industrial application. A possible German or European cell production was object of the discussion as well. Furthermore, Prof. Sick and the federal chancellor spoke about possibilities to support the interdisciplinary collaborations necessary for battery research. Closing, Prof. Sick was interested in the opinion of the federal chancellor about the required qualities of women in a traditional man dominate world of work and how good role models for girls and women could look like.

For more than ten years the federal chancellor publishes every Saturday a podcast about current socio-political, economical or technical topics. That’s where she answers in a direct conversation with scientists, volunteers or companies, the most urgent questions about a wide range of topics like integration, voluntary fire brigade, digitization or the development of the European Union.

Nathalie Sick is junior professor at the institute of business administration at the department of chemistry and pharmacy of the WWU and leads the working group “innovation and technology management for energy storage” at the Helmholtz-Institute Münster (HI MS). The HI MS concentrates the competences in battery research of the Forschungszentrum Jülich, the RWTH Aachen university and the WWU.

More Information:
Videopodcast of Jun.-Prof. Dr. Nathalie Sick and Dr. Angela Merkel
Jun.-Prof Dr. Nathalie Sick at the WWU Münster
Jun.-Prof Dr. Nathalie Sick at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research, Department Helmholtz-Institute Münster: Ionics in Energy Storage (IEK-12)

Digital Transformation at BASF

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Students attending the course Strategic Analysis had the chance to discuss a seminal trend with a heavyweight from the chemical industry on Tuesday 11/29. Dr. Frithjof Netzer, who attained his PhD at our university, drives the digital transformation inside BASF as the project leader of BASF 4.0. His ostensive presentation demonstrated how digital technologies can enhance numerous fields inside a chemical company. Afterwards, four of his colleagues embarked with the students on an innovative case study and demonstrated how they might be part of a BASF sales team while proceeding their studies at university at the same time.

P&G Case Study Pampers

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In addition to our lecture “Principles of research, technology and innovation”, Marie-Theres Madl (R&D Feminine Hygiene) und Frank Wiesemann (R&D Baby Care) from Procter & Gamble (P&G) conducted on November 28th 2016 a case study with our current business chemistry students. With focus on a product of P&G – Pampers diapers – our students developed a new strategy for placing the product in the market. The particular challenge regarding the elaboration of the strategy was to consider two different perspectives (R&D and Marketing departments) and however conceive a consistent strategy for the company. Thereby especially the interdisciplinary competencies of our business chemists played a key role. Furthermore students were sensitized for issues and challenges raising at the intersection of departments.

Case Study with KPMG

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On November 11th 2016, the Strategy Group of KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft conducted a case study workshop with our business chemist students. The workshop gave insights in the operating principles of a leading consulting company. Guided by the question “Where to invest 500 Mio. USD?” the students evaluated potential new locations for production sites of a chemical company and derived recommendations for action. At the end of the day all results were presented to the executive board, represented by KPMG and students.

BAYER and Corporate Strategy

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On November 23th., Dr. Henning Trill, Head of Corporate Innovation at Bayer, visited the doctoral seminar on corporate strategies. In an open presentation, the doctoral students discussed the "Strategy Choice Cascade" by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin (Playing to win) from the perspective of a company. Afterwards, Dr. Trill explained the Mergers & Acquistition (M & A) history and strategic decision-making in the cropscience chemistry market. During the interactive lecture and the discussion, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions.

Solemn presentation of the Grosse-Hornke Student Award in Business Chemistry 2016

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On November 18th 2016, Martin Kuhn (MSc Business Chemistry) was honored for his excellent master thesis with the “Grosse-Hornke Student Award”. The award is endowed with 1.000€ and sponsored by Grosse-Hornke Private Consult. Martin Kuhn developed a concept for evaluating and prioritize projects within the pharmaceutical industry, whereas companies will be enabled to allocate scarce resources to the most promising projects regarding their profit potential.

Design Thinking mit Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Design Thinking mit Procter & Gamble (P&G)
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On June 20th 2016, business chemists had the opportunity to expand their existing knowledge on design thinking in practice under the guidance of Dr. Frank Wiesemann (P&G, R&D Babycare). Dr. Frank Wiesemann has been visiting our institute on a regular basis for several years to share his knowledge and practical experience with our students. In this workshop, he first presented theoretical foundations of design thinking. The gained knowledge was applied in practical group work on various issues. First prototype solutions were tested and further developed. The concepts were presented and intensively discussed in plenary under the guidance of Dr. Frank Wiesemann.

New Business Development and Innovation Management from the consulting company Ernst & Young

Ey Workshop 1-1
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Christian Vetter, consultant of Ernst & Young, visited our institute on June 17th 2016 to share the daily practice of a consulting agency regarding New Business Development and Innovation Management. After a short presentation of EY’s approach to help companies dealing with a changing environment and reaching out for new business opportunities, the students could implement theory in practice by applying the Business Model Canvas to their own innovative ideas. By doing so, the students got insights in how closely theory and practice is intertwined and how companies might profit from such theoretical tools. At the end of this session Christian Vetter was facing the student’s questions, whereby an authentic overview of a consultant’s life could be given.

Exchange & Discussion with Tesa SE

Tesa Se Vortrag
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On April 28th 2016, Stefan Franke, who works in the division of strategic purchasing at Tesa SE in Norderstedt, visited our institute. During the event he explained the importance of the strategic purchasing department and presented this area as an interesting career perspective to our business chemistry students. In the following open discussion our master students had the opportunity to apply their acquired skills and developed competencies with regard to the different challenges in the area of strategic purchasing.

Technology transfer between science and industry

Technologietransfer 2.jpg
© Agnieszka Kehrel

On the 21st of April, the Institute of Business Administration at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy in cooperation with the Helmholtz Institute Münster (IEK-12) invited for the event "technology transfer between science and industry" located at the battery research centre MEET.

In the beginning the participants had the opportunity to follow a lecture by Prof. Dr. Klaus Meerholz, head of COPT.ZENTRUMS, with the topic “Transferpotenziale organischer Elektronik" (engl.: transfer potential of organic electronics), in which he reported on technology transfer with regard to the development and research about the topic of organic electronics toward OLEDs.

The lecture was followed by an open discussion including Prof. Dr. Harald Fuchs (r), Prof. Dr. Jens Leker (r-c), Prof. Dr. Martin Winter (l-c) and Prof. Dr. Klaus Meerholz (l) on the topic of “Chancen und Risiken beim Technologietransfer“ (engl.: opportunities and risks for technology transfer). In particular at this point, the audience was involved in the discussion which made a direct and interactive exchange possible.

The active participation and engaged discussion of visitors from universities, transfer- and industry-related areas made once again clear that there is a general interest in the subject and an overall importance of technology transfer as a bridge between science and industry.

Case Study with the Consulting Group A. T. Kearney

Unternehmensberatung A. Kearney _2-1.jpg
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On January 15th 2016, Robert Renard, Principal at the A.T. Kearney consulting group visited us together with two former Business Chemistry students (Jens Grühn and Christian Blaszkewicz), who are now also working for A. T. Kearney. Together with the current class of the MSc Business Chemistry they worked on a case study about a company crisis in the chemical industry. The students applied their acquired economical competences and their chemical knowledge to develop strategies, which improve the profitability of the chemical company.

Case Study with The Dow Chemical Company about the Marketing of Polymers

Polymeren Mit The Dow Chemical _2-1
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On December 11th 2015, the graduated Business Chemist Henning Makowsky, working in the sales department at Dow Building Solutions Europe, presented strategies to advertise chemicals from the view of the international active chemical company Dow to Business Chemistry students. In a case study the students identified markets, customers, and the prices of specific polymers. They used their results to develop marketing plans and discussed strengths and weaknesses of their strategies.

Ideation Workshop of the Impact Academy Climate (IAC)

Ideation Workshop _2-1
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On November 27th 2015, 30 Business Chemistry students took part in the “Ideation and Business Development Workshop” of the Impact Academy Climate and developed creative concepts which are supposed to unite climate protection and entrepreneurship. To do so, the students were introduced to methods and mentalities of the start-up scene according to the motto: “Learning-By-Doing”. In small work-groups the students developed interesting ideas in different section of climate protection.