Rules on quarantine and isolation of infected and contact persons

The amendment to the Coronavirus Epidemic Higher Education Regulations (CEHVO), which took effect on 1 April 2022, provides that the regulatory framework regarding teaching activities be steadily re-established, and this is reflected in the following.


  • As a rule, all courses will be conducted in person in the summer semester 2022.
  • For courses in which attendance is normally compulsory, the CEHVO stipulates that the suspension of mandatory attendance rules remains in place in summer semester 2022.
  • The framework conditions stipulated in the regular examination regulations now apply to all courses. This means that, as a rule, courses can be conducted entirely in digital form only if such an option is provided for in the regular examination regulations. Naturally, instructors may continue to supplement their lessons with digital teaching elements and hybrid teaching forms based on didactic considerations.
  • For students with a disability or chronic illness who cannot participate in in-person courses due to substantiated health reasons, they and their respective instructors can agree on compensation for disadvantages in summer semester 2022. For more on this, see: The rules on compensation for disadvantages for required coursework and degree-relevant examinations remain unchanged. Consequently, petitions to receive compensation for disadvantages must be forwarded as usual to the corresponding Examination Offices.
  • As a rule, all examinations will be administered in person in the summer semester 2022.
  • For all examinations assigned to summer semester 2022, the requirements provided by the regular examination regulations apply accordingly. This also means that the possibility of electronic or online examinations depends – as it did prior to the pandemic – on the respective rules put forth in the individual examination regulations. Furthermore, provisions on free attempts, conditions for withdrawing from examinations and the possibility of improving one’s grades on examinations assigned to summer semester 2022 are now governed again by the regular examination regulations. University-wide rules pertaining to free attempts, improving grades etc. are not provided for in summer semester 2022.
  • For examinations assigned to one of the past four semesters (SS 2020 to WS 2021/22), e.g. retakes of exams administered in WS 2021/22, the exemptions implemented during the coronavirus pandemic by the CEHVO or by the respective Rectorate regulations for specific degree programmes remain in effect. This also applies to the general regulations on free attempts, examination withdrawals and grade improvements stipulated in the CEHVO.
  • For more information, please contact the Examination’s Office responsible for your examination regulations:
  • For all students who were enrolled at the University of Münster during the past four semesters (SS 2020 – WS 2021/22), the standard duration of study was prolonged due to the pandemic by the respective number of enrolled semesters. This rule no longer applies in summer semester 2022. In other words, this semester will count toward your standard duration of study.
  • For more information, please contact the Student Admission Office: