The Institute's Staff

Director of the Institute:

Prof. Dr. Michael Grünbart (since 2018)

Manager of the Institute:
Dr. Sabine Rogge (since 1996); also a member of the Institute’s board (since 1996)

Executive Board:
Prof. Dr. Peter Funke, Dr. Marianne Ravenstein, Dr. Sabine Rogge

In 2005 Prof. Dr. Nelly Tsouyopoulos passed away,  she was significantly involved in the foundation of the Institute and was to the death a member of the Executive Board of the Institute.

Research associate:

Dr. Thorsten Kruse, M.A.

Honorary members of staff:

Christine Winkelmann, M.A. - from 2007 until 2017

Maike Hübner, M.A. - from 1998 until 2000

Dr. Andreas Klute - from 1998 until 2000