The Institute's Staff

Acting Director:
Prof. Dr. Michael Grünbart 

Board of Directors:
Prof. Dr. Michael Grünbart, Prof. Dr. Michael Quante

Research associate:
Dr. Thorsten Kruse, M.A.

Former Acting Directors:
1996 - June 2000: Prof. Dr. Manfred Botzenhart (†2007)
July 2000 - Oct. 2018: Prof. Dr. Peter Funke

Former Managing Directors:
May 1996 - October 2020 Dr. Sabine Rogge

Former members of the Board of Directors:
Prof. Dr. Manfred Botzenhart (1996-2000), Prof. Dr. Peter Funke (1996-2018), Prof. Dr. Ruth-Elisabeth Mohrmann (1996-1998), Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pfister (2003-2006), Prof. Dr. Marianne Ravenstein (2006-2018), Dr. Sabine Rogge (1996-2020), Prof. Dr. Ulrich Thamer (1998-2003), Prof. Dr. Nelly Tsouyopoulos (1996-2005) she was also significantly involved in the foundation of the Institute.

Honorary members of staff:

Christine Winkelmann, M.A. - from 2007 until 2017

Maike Hübner, M.A. - from 1998 until 2000

Dr. Andreas Klute - from 1998 until 2000