May 1996
A common initiative of the Republic of Cyprus and the University of Münster resulted in the founding of the Institute 

May 1997
Official inauguration of the Institute


The Institute's main objective is to support the scientific relations between the University of Cyprus and scientific institutions within the European Union; the Universities of Cyprus and Münster are partners which collaborate closely and attach importance to the exchange of scholars and student.

Furthermore the Institute also supports contacts between institutions in Cyprus and the European Union which concern the fields of culture and economy. With regard to economy the Institute mainly supports the close cooperation of institutions such as chambers of commerce.


The Institute's objectives are:

  • to encourage scholars to work on Cypriot subjects and to support them in their studies
  • to help to improve the knowledge about Cyprus in all scientific areas
  • to construct a network among people who are interested in Cypriot studies
  • to act as a mediator for people who are involved in Cypriot studies
  • to offer information media with a focus on Cyprus like e.g. a library and archives comprising all kind of information material about Cyprus.


The Institute's activities cover the following areas: