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 The programme of the Cyprus Institute for the winter term 2019/20 is now online (PDF).

Late Bronze Age copper ingot from Enkomi in the Cyprus Museum, Nicosia
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Lectures on the topic of
'Copper in Ancient Cyprus'

Prof. Dr. Vasiliki Kassianidou (University of Cyprus) is a real expert on the topic of 'Copper in Ancient Cyprus'. In December she will be in Münster to give two lectures on this fascinating topic:

Wednesday, 11 December 2019, 18:15.
“Now I have sent to thee five hundred talents of copper …” (EA 35) – Cyprus and the trade of copper in the Late Bronze Age
Lecture room F4 (Fürstenberghaus), Domplatz 20-22, Münster

Event in cooperation with the Archaeological Institute

Thursday, 12 December 2019, 18:15.
The Ancient Cypriot Copper Industry through the Ages
Lecture room F5 (Fürstenberghaus), Domplatz 20-22, Münster

Event in cooperation with the student associations of the Archaeological Institute, the Institute for Pre- and Protohistory and the Institute for Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Salamis of Cyprus
Salamis of Cyprus
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NEW publication

Salamis of Cyprus – History and Archaeology from the Earliest Times to Late Antiquity

Editors: Sabine Rogge, Christina Ioannou und Theodoros Mavrojannis
Volume 13 of ‘Schriften des Instituts für Interdisziplinäre Zypern-Studien’
778 pages, hardcover with numerous illustrations, many of them in colour
94,00 €, ISBN 978-3-8309-3479-0
E-Book: 84,99 €, ISBN 978-3-8309-8479-5

Further information (pdf)

Order information Waxmann publishing house (pdf)

The Cypriot Ambassador, Andreas Hadjichrysanthou (3rd from left) when received by Mayor Gerhard Joksch (left) in the famous Hall of Peace in Münster’s town hall; he was accompanied by members of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Cypriot Studies: Dr. Sabine Rogge (Managing Director, 2nd from left), Professor Michael Grünbart (the Institute’s Acting Director, 3rd from right), Professor Peter Funke (former Acting Director, 2nd from right) and Dr. Thorsten Kruse (Research Associate of the Institute, right).
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Visit of the Cypriot Ambassador in Münster (25 October 2019)

On 25 October 2019, the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus in Berlin, Andreas Hadjichrysanthou, paid an official visit to the Institute for Interdisciplinary Cypriot Studies, and he was impressed by this institution existing at the University of Münster since 1996. The ambassador was also received in the castle of Münster by Professor Johannes Wessels, the Rector of the University of Münster, and in Münster’s historic town hall by Mayor Gerhard Joksch. In front of members of the Rotary Club of Münster the ambassador gave a speech outlining the role and contribution of Cyprus in addressing EU challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean.

© Thorsten Kruse

Project Funding

In July 2018 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands approved the funding of a sub-project in the framework of the main project "Religion and Politics – dealing with the cemeteries, places of worship and religious memorial places in Cyprus" initiated at the Cyprus Institute in Münster in 2015.

The new sub-project with the working title "The religious heritage of Cyprus: a survey in the districts of Kyrenia and Larnaca" started on 1 September 2018 and will take a total of 10 months to complete it. The main aim of the project is the detailed documentation of the condition of the religious heritage within the boundaries of the districts of Kyrenia and Larnaca. In the Kyrenia district the Greek-Orthodox heritage will be in the centre of attention - since the Greek Cypriots were and are - in most cases - not able to use their religious places and buildings after the division of the island in 1974. In the Larnaca Distrikt the religious heritage of the Turkish Cypriots will be in the focus of interest. Most of those places haven't been used for decades due to the intercommunal strife in the 1960s and the events which led to the division of the island.

small collection of new entries of the institute's library
small collection of new entries of the institute's library
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Institute's library: new entries

On 22 August the Institute for Interdisciplinary Cypriot Studies received a donation of more than 20 boxes containing books and documents predominantly on the contemporary history of Cyprus. This special gift was sent by the Alexander Malios Reasearch Institute for Cypriot Heritage and Archaeology / Amricha located in Leipzig. In the weeks to come all books and documents will be sifted and recorded or catalogued where appropriate. Right after this process all new entries will be available to the users of our library.
Our warm thanks for this donation goes to Alexander Malios and his team.

Further information on the Alexander Malios Reasearch Institute for Cypriot Heritage and Archaeology / Amricha at: www.facebook.com/cyprusinleipzig/