Call for Papers دعوة للاستكتاب

Call for Papers – Conference “Enlightenment narratives and Islam”, 17-19 April 2020, Muenster, Germany

(Arabic below يُنظر النص العربي أسفله)
The Center for Islamic Theology Muenster is pleased to invite researchers from various academic disciplines to participate in the conference: “Enlightenment narratives and Islam: concept and founding potential”, which will be held on 17-19 April 2020, Muenster, Germany.
The Center for Islamic Theology hopes that this event will be an opportunity for researchers to engage with questions about the Enlightenment and its relationship to Islam. This will also be an opportunity to stimulate discussion on this topic, whether historically or in our contemporary life, through appropriate methodological approaches, and from various specialized perspectives that are not limited to historical or theological approaches but beyond them to economic, social, and cultural studies as well, with the aim of both improving our view and expanding our thinking about the challenges of our modern world.
Therefore, the Center for Islamic Theology invites all interested researchers wishing to write research to submit their proposals in accordance with the following points:
1. Research proposals in arabic (700 to 1000 words) shall be sent to the academic committe no later than 10 December 2019.
2. The academic committee shall inform the authors of the accepted proposals on 20 December 2019 and invite them to complete their research.
3. The completed paper should be sent to the academic committee no later than 20 March 2020.

• For more details, please find the “Reference Paper” attached.
• All documents should be sent to Dr. Yassin Yahyaoui, member of the academic committee of the conference:

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Reference Paper الورقة المرجعية