Language Learning Counselling

The Language Counselling Service is offered in addition to traditional foreign language learning. It should in no way be considered as private tutoring, an additional language course, or an offer to correct written work.

The Language Counselling Service

  • supports independent foreign language learning
  • monitors the learning of a foreign language by exchange
  • gives advice in all aspects of individual and joint foreign language learning

In a conversation with a language counsellor you will - individually or together with your tandem partner - be given help with the

  • preparation of a personal learning plan
  • selection of appropriate strategies and techniques to help you reach your goals
  • handling of mistakes and choice of correction options
  • selection of appropriate learning materials
  • personal reflection on your learning process and assessment of your progress

When preparing for a counselling session, you should reflect on what your individual learning objectives are and decide which topics you wish to discuss with the counsellor. If you need help in specific areas, feel free and try to formulate precise questions before the consultation.

In order to assess your current level of language proficiency in the target language, you can take the C-Test.

The Language Counselling Service is open to all students at the University of Münster learning a foreign language in Tandem!

"In my opinion, the Sprachtandem is very good because one is not afraid of making mistakes in front of their partner as he or she is also going to make mistakes. Both partners are usually not perfect in the foreign language and therefore one need not be ashamed of making mistakes. Another very positive characteristic of the Sprachtandem is that each Tandempartner can decide on what he/she wants to emphasize, in contrast to a language course where you have to practice all: reading, listening, writing and speaking." (Tamino, Germany)