Distance tandem courses

In general, we offer the matching of tandem partnerships with our exchange universities to all our students. At the moment, our partners are:

University of Strasbourg (France)

University of Lorraine (France)

Universidad de la República Montevideo (Uruguay)

National University of Córdoba (Argentina)

University Aberystwyth (Wales)

If you are interested in a tandem partnership with one of these universities, please leave a note in the registration form. In case we could match you with a tandem partner, we will offer you individual support and counselling the best possible. The support includes an introductory session, counselling sessions and workshops. You may also obtain credit points, if you like. Please check our  COURSE OFFER

Distance tandem courses during the semester

We organise tandem courses in exchange with universities in France, Italy and Latin America regularly. Please check the current course programme for the respective language.

In the summer semester we offer a Spanisch-German eTandem course.

Flyer eTandem course
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  • General information

    In addition to learning with a language partner here in Münster, learning in tandem also works over great distances, e.g. via Zoom or Teams. You have the free choice of location (at home, at the library etc), you can share additional media (webpages, audio files, written documents, etc.) and use them together, you have the option of organizing the meetings with or without the video function, etc.

  • Requirements

    This offer aims exclusively at students of the University of Münster with German as native language.
    A B1 level (CEFR) in the target language is required to participate and has to be proven (via C-test, course certificate at the language centre, official language certificate etc.)

    How does language learning in tandem work?

    Read also our FAQ.

  • Distance tandem course German-English with Aberystwyth (Wales)

    If you are interested in finding a tandem partner whose mother tongue is English, please follow the links below to get more information:

    TANDEM ABERYSTWYTH (information about the tandem exchange)

    Language Exchange Platform of the University of Aberystwyth