Introductory Sessions for Language Learning in Tandem

How can language learning in tandem be organised in a meaningful way? And what conditions need to be fulfilled to earn 3 or 5 credit points? These are the main questions we explore in the introductory sessions at the beginning of each semester. Participation in an introductory session is compulsory if you want to earn credit points or receive a certificate of attandence for the participation in the tandem programme.

As soon as we have found a tandem partner for you, you will receive an email with their name and a link for the registration for the introductory sessions.

You are also welcome to take advantage of our introduction to language learning in tandem if you have found a tandem partner on your own but do not (want to) participate in the programme. Simply contact us by email at tandem.matching[@]

Unfortunately, participation in the introductory sessions is not possible without prior registration!

"Tandemissa oppii kieltä ja kulttuuria, on hauskaa, ja voi saada hyvän ystävän." (Anni, Finnland)

"Das war eine tolle Erfahrung und ich bin selbstbewusst geworden." (Marion, Frankreich)