Mission Statement

As a central service provider of the University of Münster, the Language Centre / Sprachenzentrum (SPZ) is the place to go to for all language-related issues outside the philologies. Our chief task is to provide high-quality, academically oriented and target-group-specific language training. All our activities are geared towards implementing the university’s internationalisation strategy.

Our language programme for students and post-graduates has been specially tailored to meet the following goals:

  • to facilitate the mobility of students and researchers by providing needs-based general and professional foreign-language courses and evaluation of language skills
  • to advance multilingual skills and intercultural communication competence
  • to assist in achieving desired subject-specific study results
  • to support professional practice in an international workplace

The development and implementation of quality standards of academic foreign-language teaching is effected by

  • evaluation and ongoing needs-based development of the course programme
  • implementation of innovative methods of teaching and learning
  • advanced training for the teaching staff (Fortbildungszertifikat)
  • participation of the staff in research and teaching
  • networking with national and international professional associations (AKS, FaDaF und CercleS)
  • international partnerships

The language centre furthermore facilitates the internationalisation strategy of the University of Münster in teaching and administrative support

  • by providing courses for the supplementary subject-specific foreign-language study programme for law students (FFA)
  • by offering English-language assistance for the university administration (Supportstelle Englisch)