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Career guidance

Before and during the studies, the Olympic center Westphalia (for Dortmund, Bochum, Warendorf and Winterberg) is an important partner for both students and Universities.

Career guidance provided by the Olympic center is holistic and integrated with the aim of achieving a successful athletic and work career. For further questions, please contact Mr. U. Vetter, advisor of the OSP Warendorf.

He can help you with the following services in order to achieve a dual career, a combination between sports and studies:

•    He helps you with advisory services for top athletes before the application at the university
•    He examines the athlete’s choice of studies, including specific selection criterions of the universities.
•    He recommends the university as “partner university for top-level sports”
•    He coordinates the academic and athletic goals of the student with the responsible university partners
•    He informs the university about the student’s success and performance

OSP Westfalen

Counselling before the studies:

•    Career development examinations: comprehending the current personal situation
•    Advise about school career, school reports, information about private tutoring and support to enter boarding schools
•    planning the studies at a university, choice of academic courses and study support
•    Information on the armed forces, the federal police, police and community service
•    Help to find career options, application strategies, career plans
•    Information on sport foundations, regional support possibilities and seminars
•    Optimize the individual situation (social environment, time management)
•    Development of apprenticeships and in-service trainings