Running Projects

  • A-Projects

    Project A01
    The Role of Protein-Lipid Interactions for Protein Segregation in the Yeast Plasma Membrane
    Project A02
    Local Signaling for Tight Coupling of Synaptic Exo- and Endocytosis
    Project A03
    Dynamic Regulation of Synaptic Calcium Channels by Neurexins
    Project A05
    Lipid-Mediated Activation of Protein Kinases During Cell Polarization
    Project A06
    Force-Control in Neurons via Curved Membrane Nanodomains
    Project A07
    Regulation of Growth Factor Signaling by the Nanoscale Presentation of the Extracellular Matrix
    Project A08
    Molecular Parameters for the Dynamic Assembly of Hedgehog Signaling Platforms
    Project A09
    Regulation and Execution of Vesicle Formation in WASH-mediated Endocytosis
    Project A10
    Specification and Dynamic Interactions of Arterial Progenitor Cells
    Project A11
    Regulation of Plasma Membrane Supramolecular Functional Units by Late Endosomal Sorting and Transport
    Project A12
    Integrin Subtype-specific Organization and Force Transduction
    Project A13
    Lipid Storage Organelles in Formation of Polarized Cellular Interfaces during Cell Division and Cell Fusion
    Project A14
    Dynamic and Spatiotemporal Control of Notch Signaling for Assembling Precise Multicellular Structures
    Project A15
    Structural Insights into the Complex Interplay between Latrotoxin and the Cell Adhesion Receptors Neurexin and Latrophilin
  • B-Projects

    Project B03
    High-Resolution Analysis of Membrane Domain Formation During Neuronal Polarization
    Project B04
    Membrane Remodeling During Dendrite Pruning in Drosophila Sensory Neurons
    Project B05
    Localized FGF-Receptor Signaling Controls Differentiation of Wrapping Glial Cells
    Project B06
    Cell-Cell Interactions Controlling Organ Shape
    Project B08
    Local Cues Trigger Changes in the Migratory Behavior of Lymphangioblasts
    Project B09
    Morphogenesis of the Trophoblast Lineage during Blastocyst to Egg Cylinder Transition
    Project B11
    Remodeling of Tricellular Junctions Controls Paracellular Transport
    Project B12
    Delineating distinctions in cellular and molecular functions between the interstitial matrix and the basement membrane during cardiac morphogenesis
  • Z-Projects

    Project Z01
    Central Tasks
    Project Z02
    Integrated Research Training Group