Open Access & Copyright

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Open Access publications are protected by copyright in the same way as printed publications!
Under German law, copyright cannot be transferred. However, the author can grant exploitation rights to a publisher, for example.
Authors should make sure that they do not assign the so-called exclusive right of use in the contract, but only a simple right of use: this is the only way to ensure that the author can continue to determine the exploitation of their publication.Therefore, please read publication agreements very carefully and seek advice if, for example, you do not understand a passage or are not sure which rights you are assigning and which you are retaining!

In the case of an Open Access publication, rights of use can be defined, for example, by the internationally widespread Creative Commons (CC) licenses. The CC-BY ("Attribution to the author") and CC-BY-SA ("Attribution and Redistribution under equal terms") licenses are the most appropriate for Open Access.

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