Information on University of Münster Academic Publications

The volumes of the publication series are primarily published digitally on the publication server miami. Authors can also order printed copies from a publisher or print service provider. In this case, the publication would be "hybrid". (The earlier volumes of the series are all hybrid due to cooperation with publishers; the printing process is now the responsibility of the authors and is optional).

A hybrid publication, which is available both electronically and in print, combines the advantages of the two publication channels: fast and free availability and the high dissemination of digital open access publications with the possibility of convenient intensive reading of printed works. Studies show that hybrid publishing significantly increases the dissemination and reception of a publication.

The University and State Library explicitly recommends the publication of the associated digital research data and additional materials for the purpose of sustainable support of open access and open science.

Advantages of online publication

  • optimal visibility, distribution and findability via catalogues and search engines
  • electronically searchable
  • available independent of time and place
  • cheap and fast publication
  • citable via URNs (fixed internet addresses)
  • Long-term archiving

Advantages of the print publication

  • reader friendly print version
  • classically bound knowledge
  • archiving in libraries
  • good findability in bookstore and library catalogues
  • reviews of printed copies so far more frequent than of PDF files