From the file to the book

We support you with consulting and service offers during the various steps of the publication process:

  • Information about the creation of the document
  • Acceptance of the file
  • Formatting support
  • Cover design and creation of the front matter incl. imprint
  • Allocation of ISBN, URN and DOI
  • Publication of the online version on the University of Münster's publication server miami
  • Advice on an optional print edition
  • Creation of a print-ready file (on request)
  • Inclusion in the University and State Library of Münster's catalogue
  • Delivery of data to other library catalogues and search engines
  • Information on registration with VG WORT
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The way to the publication

  • The ULB concludes an author contract with you.
  • You format your manuscript according to some specifications and create a PDF file that you deliver to the ULB.
  • The ULB checks and prepares the file for publishing (digital and optionally printed).
  • You will receive the invoice.
  • The ULB publishes the digital open access version on the University of Münster's publication server miami.

The volumes appear in series that correspond to the university's subject canon and institutions (medicine, musicology, physics, economics, sociology, philology, etc.).

Your work stays your work

As an author, you grant ULB Münster only a so-called "simple right of use". Therefore, you can continue to publish your publication in another form if required. Permission from the ULB is therefore not necessary.
For more information, see the your publication/legal advice section.

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We charge a service fee of 100 euros for our support and extra services.

The publication of the Open Access version on the publication server miami will not cost you anything. If you decide to have copies printed, we will be happy to advise you; however, you are responsible for the printing process and the associated additional costs.