About miami

A wide variety of digital documents and objects of the University of Münster can be published and archived on the publication server miami.

  • What is published?

    A wide variety of digital documents and objects can be published on the publication server miami:

    • Dissertations and postdoctoral theses of the University of Münster
    • Scientific publications (articles, books, etc.) by university members
    • Teaching material
    • Working papers
    • Multimedia material (audio, video, image)
    • Music supplies
    • etc.
  • What are the advantages of digital publishing?

    Compared to the printed work, the publication via the publication server opens a modern alternative:

    • low cost publication
    • fast publication possibility
    • worldwide availability
    • convenient search through metadata
    • integrated multimedia components that cannot be reproduced in print
  • Who can publish?

    First and foremost, members or institutions of the University of Münster can publish:

    • Professors, lecturers and research assistants
    • PhD students (ULB will take care of posting the documents)
    • Central facilities of the university

    Other interested parties may publish documents with miami in individual cases after consultation with the ULB Münster.

  • How to publish?

    You want to publish your dissertation, an article, a book or a journal digitally via miami?
    In the section your publication it is described how that works.

    The library will take care of posting the digital documents.

  • Which identifiers does the Repository miami use?

    All objects stored on the publication server miami are assigned a so-called URN (Uniform Resource Name). In addition, each document receives a DOI (Digital Object Identifier).
    Find out more about our identifier service.

  • Which legal framework conditions have to be observed?

    For information on authors' rights, copyright and licenses, see legal advice.

  • Where can I get more information about publishing?

    Information, advice, introduction, training, and service on all aspects of publishing with miami is provided by the Service Point for Publications. Anyone wishing to publish a dissertation will find all the necessary steps in the checklist.