• Akademische Prokrastination
  • Epistemische Emotionen und Emotionsregulation
  • Kurzbiografie

    10.2018 – date                Researcher/PhD Student, Arbeitseinheit Pädagogische Psychologie

    10.2016 – 08.2018          MSc. Psychology in the Learning Science (Ludwig- Maximilians University, Munich)


    08.2011 – 06.2014          BA Psychology with Study of Religions (University of Ghana, Legon)  


  • Publikationen

    Gadosey, C., Schnettler, T., Scheunemann, A., Fries, S. & Grunschel, C. (2021). The intraindividual co-occurrence of anxiety and hope in procrastination episodes during exam preparations: An experience sampling study. Learning and Individual Differences, 88(7),

    Amissah, C. M., Gadosey, C. K., Nyarko K., & Agyemang, C. B. (2016). Contextual analyses of attitudes toward persons with physical disabilities. Current Research in Psychology, 7(2)


  • Konferenzbeiträge

    Gadosey, C. K., Schnettler, T., Scheunemann, A., Fries, S. & Grunschel, C. (2021, July). Procrastination during exam preparation: The influence of academic emotions. Oral presentation at the 8th Conference of the Society for Ambulatory Assessment (SAA), Zurich, Switzerland [online session].


  • Lehre

    WiSe 18/19

    Empirisch-Experimentelles Praktikum (Seminar; Bachelor)

    SoSe 19

    Experimentelles Forschungspraktikum A: Motivation and Learning (Seminar; Bachelor)

    WiSe 19/20

    Experimentelles Forschungspraktikum B: Motivation and Learning (Seminar; Bachelor)


  • Gutachtertätigkeiten

    Adhoc-Gutachter bei den folgenden Zeitschriften

    International Journal of Educational Research

    Learning and Individual Differences