Theresa Eckes, M.Sc.

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Position Research Associate
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Phone +49 (2 51) 83 - 34 32 0
Consultation Hours    Tuesday, 16 to 17 o'clock
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  • Research Interests

    • Discontinuous patterns of change in the psychotherapeutic process (sudden gains and sudden losses)
    • Patient focused research




  • Publications

    Journal articles (peer-reviewed)

    Eckes, T., Salditt, M., & Nestler, S. (in press). Living up to expectations? A simulation study evaluating methods used to detect sudden gains and sudden losses. Psychological Assessment.

    Eckes, T. & Nestler, S. (2024). Do I like me now? An analysis of everyday sudden gains and sudden losses in self-esteem and nervousness. Clinical Psychological Science, 12, 22-36.

    Eckes, T., Buhlmann, U., Holling, H., & Möllmann, A. (2023). Comprehensive ABA-based interventions in the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder – A meta-analysis. BMC Psychiatry, 23, 133.

    Nestler, S., Geukes, K., Zaun, T., & Eckes, T. (2021). On the role of response styles in the study of intraindividual variability. Collabra: Psychology, 7, 29929.

    Salditt, M., Eckes, T., & Nestler, S. (in press). A tutorial introduction to heterogeneous treatment effect estimation with meta-learners. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research.