...to the working unit Statistics and Psychological Methods at the University of Münster (AE Nestler). The members of our lab are interested in the advancement of statistical methods for the analysis of complex psychological data. Latest research projects cover topics such as combining the social relations model with structural equation models, advancing models to examine intra-individual variability or combining standard statistical approaches such as multilevel or structural equation models with machine learning methods (e.g., trees, boosting, ...). We are also authors or contributors to different R packages. In teaching, we provide a comprehensive B.Sc.- and M.Sc.-program in psychological methods, including lectures and courses on basic and advanced statistics.

If you are interested in writing a thesis in our lab, you can find further information here. We offer supervision of both bachelor and master theses covering both substantive and methodological research questions.

Latest News


The whole team joined the DGPs conference in Hildesheim. We gave or were involved in a number of oral and poster presentations and met old and new friends.


New paper in press by K. Jansen & H. Holling in Biometrical Journal: Random-effects meta-analysis models for the odds ratio in the case of rare events under different data generating models: A simulation study.


Marie and Katrin gave two great presentations at the IMPS in Bologna. Katrin received a travel grant sponsored by EdAstrata Tech for her talk. Congratulations!


New paper in press by M. Meuer, S. Nestler, & A. Oeberst in Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied: What determines hindsight bias in written work? One field and three experimental studies in the context of Wikipedia.


New paper in press by T. Schauf, M. Dufner, S. Nestler, & R. Rau in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin: Do agency and communion explain the relationship between perceiver and target effects in interpersonal perception? A meta-analysis on generalized reciprocity.