Anja Gröne
Anja Gröne

Reparative Worldmaking: Affects, Precarity & Queer Potentialities of the 'Good Life' in Contemporary Narratives (working title)

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Living in precarity – as we all do once we acknowledge precarity as the "dominant structure and experience of the present moment"1 – means that even knowing how to live one’s life well, knowing what to aim or hope for, is no longer as simple as it was once supposed to be. Ideals on how to live a life according to what is valuable (i.e. valued) are becoming less real and tangible by the minute. Before, some would have ostensibly been able to not only chase a fantasy of the 'good life,' but to realise it to some extent: have a stable job, durable intimacy, upwards progression, a family—envision a (valuable) life that can be anticipated and worked towards in the structures that are already given. In precarity, this stability, the very scaffolding on which to hang aspirations and normative fantasies, is becoming unreliable at best, and entirely lacking at worst. The structures are gone, and so, necessarily, is the comfort of the fantasies that rely on them. In precarity, as Berlant points out, fantasies of the 'good life' become even more "fantasmatic."1 And now that those structures are gone, now that those fantasies can no longer show a good life, what is a good life?
This project is interested in practices of queer worldmaking where they engage with fraying fantasies of the good life in precarity. In the contemporary affective atmosphere of precarity, emerging narratives explore ways of being in precarity when fantasies of the 'good life' no longer offer believable blueprints for attachment, thereby engaging in what this project calls 'reparative worldmaking' practices. This project considers precarity and the reparative as linked, and recognises in a reparative thematic, aesthetic, and discursive reading of worldmaking practices in contemporary narratives an important contribution to discussions of the historical present in literary studies, queer theory, and affect theory.

1 Berlant, Lauren. Cruel Optimism. Duke University Press, 2011.



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    Summer Term 2022

    Millennial Literature  [099124]

    M.A. seminar, in-person and asynchronous e-teaching

    Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies II  [098998]

    B.A. course, in-person and hybrid e-teaching
    Winter term 2021-22

    Academic Skills III  [096715]

    B.A. course, in-person and hybrid e-teaching

    Academic Skills V  [096717]

    B.A. course, in-person and hybrid e-teaching

    Summer term 2021

    The Singularity of Literature in a Digital Age: Form, Diversity, Politics  [095060]

    M.A. seminar, asynchronous and synchronous e-teaching  

    Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies II  [094970]

    B.A. course, asynchronous and synchronous e-teaching

    Summer term 2020

    Queer Life Writing  [0906559]

    B.A. seminar, asynchronous and synchronous e-teaching

    Theory and Literature IV: Contemporary Queer YA   [090695]

    B.A. & M.A. course, asynchronous and synchronous e-teaching  

    Theory and Literature V: Contemporary Queer YA   [090654]

    B.A. & M.A. course, asynchronous and synchronous e-teaching






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