Head of Project / Projektleiter

PhD Candidate Graduate School "Practices of Literature"

© Héctor Feliciano


After an intense research period on hermeneutics, specifically the Christian hermeneutical interpretation theory of the "fourfold sense of scriptures", Hector Feliciano focused his research interest on deconstruction and post-phenomological thinking, therein examining questions on unrepresentability, post-identity, and the unsayable. His research led him to question the concept of "Schweigen" in the work of Hugo von Hofmannsthal as a literary device of political critique and conservative-revolution. His dissertation, titled "Parekbatisches Schweigen", attempts to reinterpret the poietical-political order portrayed in the theatrical and essayistic work of Hofmannsthal. Out of his research the idea of the Summer School "Tacet ad Libitum" was born.


Co-Founder & Organizational Committee Member

PhD Candidate Graduate School "Practices of Literature"

Profil yashka
© yashka


yashka makes rhizomes and machinic assemblages of literature, academic research, embodied experience, emancipatory politics, experiential philosophy, photography, video art performance, and… (n – 1) possibilities which subvert and question the dominant notions of knowledge production which buttresses the construct of "objectivity". Through her research, she tries to shatter this supposed "objectivity" which rests upon the colonial matrix of power relations which silences the coloured queer bodies.


Co-Founder & Organizational Committee Member

PhD Candidate Graduate School "Practices of Literature"

Profil Michael Mason
© Michael Aaron Mason


Michael Aaron Mason is an American expat living in Berlin. His current research focuses on the history of the psychological sciences and their intersection with American arts. What began as a pet interest in politics has become the focus of Michael's involvement with the topic of silence and the Sigetics organizational committee.


Team Assistant

Bachelor's Student, WWU Münster, English Seminar

Profil Melina Lange
© Melina Lange


Melina is currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in English and German at the University of Münster. She works as a student assistant for the project "Tacet ad Libitum! Towards a Poetics and Politics of Silence" at the English department. After completing her studies, she aspires to a career as an editor in a publishing house.


Team Assistant

Bachelor's Student, WWU Münster, Institut für Sportwissenschaft

Profil Niklas Thomas
© Emil Riechelmann (Medienlabor IfS)


Niklas is a student of English and Sport Science at the University of Münster, which he soon graduates with a Bachelors degree. He works as a student assistant at the Institute for Sport Sciences at WWU. Prior to his current occupation, he worked as a German Language Assistant at Ashville College Harrogate, England. Despite his early stage in his academic career, he has published articles on the sport-society-nexus in international peer-reviewed journals.


Team Assistant

Master's Student, WWU Münster, Department of National and Transnational Studies

© Beatriz Paganotti


Beatriz holds a BA in International Relations, acquired in Brazil, where she is from. She is currently pursuing her Master's Degree at the University of Münster in National and Transnational Studies while researching about Food as Culture and the use of Pop Culture as Soft Power. Her other interests lay around people and culture, and the influence of social media.