Poster Vor dem Abgrund

Jean-Luc Nancy: Poetik der Inoperativität

GSPoL & Romanistik Seminar Lehrstuhl Prof. Cerstin Bauer-Funke (Cooperation and Sponsorship)

Organizers & Lecturers: Hector Feliciano & Michael Aaron Mason
14-15 January 2021

Initially a guest of the Summer School 2022, Jean-Luc Nancy agreed to give a workshop and a graduate student seminar. We organized a series of events with him as the distinguished guest and speaker. Nancy's teachings provided the Summer School with an important theoretical framework around the hiatus of silence.

1) Public Lecture: "Vor dem Abgrund - heute und morgen" (Poster here)

2) Master Class: "Poetik der Inoperativität" (Cooperation with Romanistik Seminar)

3) Propädeutikum: "Jean-Luc Nancy: Poetik der Inoperativität" (Guest Professor: Peter Fenves, Ph.D.)

Poster The Power of Silence

Silence – Catastrophe – Crisis:
A Graduate Student Symposium

GSPoL & English Seminar Lehrstuhl Mark Stein (Cooperation and Sponsorship)

Keynote speaker: Prof. Nikita Dhawan, Ph.D.
Organizers: Hector Feliciano & Michael Mason
2-3 December 2021

Graduate Student symposium with paper presentations by early-career scholars from all over the world. Prof. Nikita Dhawan's keynote, "The Power of Silence & The Silence of Power" offered a postcolonial analysis of silence's political dimensions.

Keynote Address: "The Power of Silence & The Silence of Power" (poster here)
Prof. Nikita Dhawan (TU Dresden)

Poster Summer School
© Michael Aaaron Mason

Münster Lectures & Summer School 2022:
Tacet ad Libitum!
Towards a Poetics and Politics of Silence

Organizers: Hector Feliciano, yashka, Michael Aaron Mason
24-29 July 2022

The Münster Lectures will kick off the Summer School 2022 with guest speakers Urvashi Butalia and Jennifer Kamau discussing the political dimensions of silence and the opportunities it poses for resistance.

A Ponderous Hush:
The Poetics and Politics of Silence

NeMLA 54th Annual Convention, Seminar

23-26 March 2023
Niagra Falls, NY
Organizers: Michael Aaron Mason, Hector Feliciano

Focusing on the political and poetic dimensions of silence, our seminar is interested in the overlaps between silence as a concept and as an act. Regimes of power utilize silence as a means of creating margins but also as a way of hiding their own internal operations, so we want to think clearly about how silence contains challenging and insurrectionary potentials.