Papers 2002

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S. Hoeppener, R. Maoz, S. R. Cohen, L. F. Chi, H. Fuchs, J. Sagiv
Metal nanoparticles, nanowires, and contact electrodes self-assembled on patterned monolayer templates - A bottom-up chemical approach
Adv. Mater. 14, 1036 (2002)

L. Gross, C. Seidel, H. Fuchs
Organic monolayers with uniform domain orientation and reduced antiphase boundaries - MBE of perylene on Au(110)
Organic Electronics 3, 1 (2002)

S. Höppener, L. F. Chi, H. Fuchs
Formation of Au55 strands on a molecular template at the solid-liquid interface
Nano Letters 2, 459 (2002)

L. V. Kukharenko, H. Fuchs, G.K. Ilyich, R.I. Gronskaya, S.N. Cherenkevich, G. G. Martinovich
Scanning force microscopy study of PC12 cells surface morphology
Phys. Low-Dim. Struct. 5/6, 115 (2002)

J. Heimel, H. Fuchs, U. C. Fischer
The imaging of small domains of J-aggregated dye molecules by scanning near-field optical microscopy
Single Mol. 3, 301 (2002)

A. Naber, D. Molenda, U. C. Fischer, H.-J. Maas, C. Höppener, H. Fuchs
Enhanced light confinement in a near-field optical probe with a triangular aperture
Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 210801 (2002)

M. Niemeyer, M. Adler, S. Gao, L. F. Chi
Supramolecular DNA-Streptavidin Nanocircles with a Covalently Attached Oligonucleotide Moiety
J. Biomol. Struct. Dyn. 20, 223 (2002)

B. Gotsmann, H. Fuchs
Dynamic AFM using the FM technique with constant excitation amplitude
Appl. Surf. Science 188, 355 (2002)

B. Zou, D. Qiu, X. Hou, L. Wu, X. Zhang, L. F. Chi, H. Fuchs
Surface micelles of single chain amphiphiles bearing azobenzene
Langmuir 18, 8006 (2002)

N. Lu, J. Zheng, M. Gleiche, H. Fuchs, L. F. Chi, O. Vidoni, T. Reuter, G. Schmid
Connecting nanowires consisting of Au55 with model electrodes
Nano Letters 2, 1097 (2002)

T. Reuter, O. Vidoni, V. Torma, G. Schmid, N. Lu, M. Gleiche, L. F. Chi, H. Fuchs
Two-dimensional networks via quasi one-dimensional arrangements of gold clusters
Nano Letters 2, 709 (2002)

D. Krüger, H. Fuchs, R. Rousseau, D. Marx, M. Parrinello
Pulling monatomic gold wires with single molecules: An Ab Initio Simulation
Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 186402 (2002)

H.-J. Maas, A. Naber, H. Fuchs, U. C. Fischer, J. C. Weeber, A. Dereux
Imaging of Photonic Nanopatterns by Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 19, 1295 (2002)

B. Zou, M. Wang, D.Qiu, X. Zhang, L. F. Chi, H. Fuchs
Confined supramolecular nanostructures of mesogen-bearing amphiphiles
Chem. Commun., 1008-1009 (2002)

B. Pignataro, L. F. Chi, S. Gao, B. Anczykowski, C.M. Niemeyer, M. Adler, H. Fuchs
Dynamic scanning force microscopy study of self-assembled DNA-protein nanostructures
Appl. Phys. A 74, 447 (2002)

M. Overs,  S. Jacobi, L. F. Chi, M. Mix, H. Fuchs, H.-J. Galla, H.J. Schäfer
Assembly of new dioxygenated alkyl alkanoates at the air-water interface
Colloids and Surfaces A 198-200, 453 (2002)

M. Flörsheimer, M.-Th. Bootsmann, H. Fuchs
Second-harmonic imaging of the absolute polar molecular orientation at interfaces
Phys. Rev. B 65, 125406 (2002)

C. Höppener, D. Molenda, H. Fuchs, A. Naber
Simultaneous topographical and optical characterization of near-field optical aperture probes by way of imaging fluorescent nanospheres
Appl. Phys. Lett. 80, 1331 (2002)

U. C. Fischer, J. Heimel, H.-J. Maas, M. Hartig, S. Höppener, H. Fuchs
Latex bead projection Nanopatterns
Surface Interface Analysis 33, 75 (2002)

I. Dorofeyev, H. Fuchs, and J. Jersch
Spectral properties of fluctuating electromagnetic fields in a plane cavity: Implication for nanoscale physics
Phys. Rev. E 65, 026610 (2002)

H. Hölscher, B. Gotsmann, W.Allers, U.D. Schwarz, H. Fuchs, R. Wiesendanger
Comment on "Damping Mechanism in Dynamic Force Microscopy"
Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 019601 (2002)

E. G. Bortchagovsky, U. C. Fischer
On the modulation of optical transmission spectra of thin dye layers by a supporting medium
J. Chem. Phys. 117, 5384 (2002)

N. Lu, M. Gleiche, J. Zheng, S. Lenhert, B. Xu, L. F. Chi, H. Fuchs
Fabrication of chemically patterned surfaces based on template-directed self-assembly
Adv. Mater. 14, 1812 (2002)

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