The Institute of Geophysics

What is geophysics?

The field of geophysics uses principles and methods from physics to understand structures, processes and composition of the Earth.
Our institute is part of the Physics department and we conduct research in the fields of geodynamics, seismology, and applied geophysics.

Studying Geophysics

The geophysics courses in Münster include contents from Geophysics, Physics, Mathematics, and Geology. Because the Institute is part of the Department of Physics, our courses include a part of physics and maths modules.

We offer and Bachelor course in Geophysics and a Master course in Geophysics.

Lectures covering the fundamentals of Geophysics, applied practicals, field courses, and laboratory practicals are part of the course


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Research in Geophysics

We carry out fundamental research as well as applied research at the Institute of Geophysics in Münster.

Group Seismology (Thomas) is studying structure, composition and processes in the deep Earth using seismic waves.

Group Geodynamics (Hansen) is conducting research in mantle convection, convection in Earth's core and planets, ocean and magma chamber convection.

Group applied Geophysics (Becken) is concerned with magnetotellurics, electromagnetic methods, airborne geophysics as well as rock magnetism and seismics.