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New book contribution in "Berufsorientierung in Bewegeung"

Der Einsatz von weiblichen Rollenmodellen zur Berufsorientierung im Internet am Beispiel der Informationstechnologie
N. Junghof-Preis, I. Zeisberg, V. Gehrau, C. Denz

in "Berufsorientierung in Bewegung" (2020)
Eds. K. Driesel-Lang, U. Weyland, B. Ziegler
Steiner Verlag


The working group Gender in Physics wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy year!

We wish you happy holidays and a successful and relaxed year 2019! We would like to take this as an occasion to question the task sharing during the Christmas season: So who brings the presents?

We are looking forward to the new year and the numerous upcoming publications


Hashtag #4genderstudies

On 18 December 2019, the Science Day #4genderstudies takes place for the third time. The goal is to make clear what gender studies are and what they exactly do. Some time ago, we got involved with a statement that is still up-to-date and which you can find here.


International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

On 25th November the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women takes place once again. As in the previous year, the Working Group Gender in Physics and the colleagues from the Nonlinear Photonics group would like to set a strong example against violence against women!


Working group Gender goes Riot Rrradio

Our colleague Tim Ziesmann will speak in the next issue of Riot Rrradio, the AStA women's magazine, on 17.11.2019 from 19:04 onwards and will talk about the projects of our working group, its role as a gender researcher, feminism and other exciting topics. The citizen radio in Münster is available on 95.4 & cable 91.2 MHz or online.


Project Digital Me ends

The Digital Me project ends today, September 30, 2019. Over the past three years, MExLab ExperiMINTe, the student laboratory of the University of Münster, and the Institute of Information Systems at the University of Münster, in collaboration with the working group Gender in Physics, have developed IT for girls to get young women into IT-related careers. Of course, the website will remain online after the end of the project, so that all interested persons can continue to inform themselves about IT professions.


Final symposium "IT for girls - Berufsorientierung in Zeiten der Digitalisierung"

The team of "Digital Me" invites you to the closing event of the project at the university of Münster. Get to know the career guidance platform "Digital Me" with gaming elements for young women. Keynote speeches and a variety of moderated forums with exchange opportunities await you. The thematic forums address the opportunities and challenges of the gender-sensitive professional and study orientation in the field of IT. Participate in the exchange with experts and register until 02.09.2019.


Field phase of the project Gender in subdisciplines of physics completed

After a few months, the time has finally come to complete the field phase of our survey of physicists in the context of the project Gender in Subdisciplines of Physics. Now comes the exciting time of data preparation and analysis. We thank all concerned institutions and interviewed people for their support!


Presentation about gender in surveys

In addition to questions of gender research in the field of physics and other subjects of the STEM area, our group also deals with methodological aspects of empirical social research. At the annual meeting of the Fachgesellschaft Geschlechterstudien 2019, Prof. Cornelia Denz and Tim Ziesmann shared our research results in this area with the scientific community and presented a lecture on “Gender aspects in the process of surveys”.


IT for girls has started!

Finally the time has come! The online career guidance platform has started. The interactive platform with game, information and experience elements is the result of the research project Digital Me, in which the AG Gender in Physics was also involved. It for girls is intended to inspire young women for IT professions. The interactive platform is also great for teaching. The latest information is available on Facebook or on Instagram at itforgirls_digitalme!


New publication: Vielfältige Physik – Wissenschaftlerinnen schreiben über ihre Forschung

As editor and author, our working group leader Cornelia Denz is responsible for the new publication Vielfältige Physik – Wissenschaftlerinnen schreiben über ihre Forschung. In this book, more than 30 female physicists give insights into their research; illustrate complex issues and present content from the field of physics in a way that can be understood by anyone. The book is aimed at all interested people who want to learn something about the latest trends in research and the people behind it.


Gender Equality Training: From unconscious gender bias to gender mainstreaming

Our work group has added another aspect to its portfolio. From now on, we offer a hands-on training workshop on understanding gender issues in science. This is an offer for academic institutions and research groups. Aim of the workshop is to guide the day-to-day management of gender issues. Further information and contact information can be found here.


Hashtag #4genderstudies

On 18 December 2017 our working group took part in the #4genderstudies campaign a second time. The article can be found here.


The working group Gender in Physics wishes you a merry christmas and a happy year 2019!

We wish you happy holidays and a successful and relaxed year 2019! We would like to take this as an occasion to question the task sharing during the Christmas season: Who bakes cookies, who works in the physics laboratory?


We break the silence!

On November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women took place one more time. The WWU Münster participated in the action "We break the silence!”, which is initiated by the Federal office for family and civil society tasks. Our working group also set a signal to combat violence against women by participating in this photo campaign!


We congratulate the third female Nobel laureate in physics

With Donna Strickland, the third woman in physics recently received the Nobel Prize. Previously this was only to Marie Curie in 1903, who had received the prize, as her husband Pierre Curie did not want to accept it without her. 60 years later, the prize went to Maria Goeppert Meyer, who, at the same time as Hans Jensen, declared the structure of the atomic nucleus and, together with him, received the Nobel Prize. Now, Donna Strickland has been awarded "just" 55 years after the last Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to a woman. If this series continues, the next Nobel Prize for a woman can be expected in 50 years! But even beyond this prestigious award, there are many more women who did Nobel Prize worthy research: alongside Lise Meitner, who discovered nuclear fission, e.g. also Chien Sun Wu, who experimentally revealed the parity violation, or Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who as a doctoral student discovered the pulsars, to name just a few examples. Other excellent researchers in the field of new lighting tools can be found, for example, in here or in the following publication of our working group: Denz and Vogt (2005): Einsteins Kolleginnen - Physikerinnen gestern und heute.


Participation in the GENERA network

Our working group has recently become a member of the GENERA network. Behind this abbreviation, which stands for "Gender Equality Network in the European Research Area", there is a network that brings together institutions and actors who deal with gender equality in physics. The organization emerged from the EU project "GENERA", which was supported by the funding line Horizon 2020 until October 2018.


Web survey of physicist launched

We currently launched a web survey as part of a research project analyzing the work situation in physics. You can participate here in the survey. We would be very pleased to count on your participation.


Master thesis on "Women & MINT in the Media" completed!

Our former student assistant Lotta Hellberg has recently completed her master thesis on the topic "The influence of school on the interest and the achievements of female students in the MINT subjects - an analysis of the scientific and the media discourse" and we congratulate her. The idea for this thesis came from our project "Women & MINT in the Media" and based on the same data. Instructors at the Institute for Educational Science of the WWU Münster supervised the work.


We welcome our new colleague Nadine Baser

At the beginning of June 2018, our working group was strengthened by the new research assistant Nadine N. Baser, who will contribute her expertise in the field of gender studies to our projects and will certainly point out new perspectives. We look forward to cooperating with her!


New publications

Our working group is represented with two articles in the new Network Journal of the Women's & Gender Research Network. In addition to other exciting contributions, we present our work as a whole and more specifically a content analysis of women in STEM in the media.


Panel discussion: Careers in Gender Studies

On June 22, 2018, a panel discussion on "careers in gender studies" took place. The research network Gender at the university of Münster invitedo Prof.'in. Katja Sabisch (spokeswoman ofthe Women's & Gender Research Network NRW and Professor for Gender Studies at the Ruhr University Bochum) also Prof.'in. Cornelia Denz (head of our working group at EMU) to an open exchange.


Girls‘ Day and Boys‘ Day on 26 April 2018

Today the Girls and Boys Future Day will take place again. Even if the research group gender research in physics does not actively participate in this day of action, we deal with such support measures from a scientific point of view. In the project "Women & MINT in the Media", for example, we investigate the media coverage of such offers.


"March for Science" on 14 April 2018
The university of Münster will again participate in the "March for Science". This also applies to research group Gender Studies in Physics. On the occasion of this event, and especially with regard to gender research, the following question should be asked: What would our society lack without science?


New pojekt „Geder in sub-disciplines of physics“ was recently started!
Our research examines connections between the subject culture and the gender distribution in subdisciplines of physics.


Website of the research network Gender at the university of Münster goes online
This website can be found here.


Job advertisement
In our working group the position of a scientific assistant is vacant. Application deadline is January 6, 2018. Further information can be found here.


Christmas greetings
We wish everyone a peaceful and happy Christmas and a healthy start into the New Year!


Hashtag #4genderstudies
On 18 December 2017 our working group took part in the public discourse on the field of gender studies with a statement in the context of the #4genderstudies campaign. The article can be found here.


Das mediale Bild von Frauen in MINT-Berufen – Ein Projekt der Arbeitsgruppe Gender in der Physik
T. Ziesmann, C. Denz
Presentation, Network meeting "Gender.Science.Practical applications" of the research network Gender at the university of Münster, 28. November 2017, Münster.


Geschlechterforschung in der Physik
C. Denz, T. Ziesmann
Guest contribution, CEWSjournal 110, 69 (2017) Link


Das mediale Bild von Frauen in MINT-Berufen – Zwischenstand einer Inhaltsanalyse
T. Ziesmann, C. Denz
Poster, Conference of the work group "Women and mathematics" in the Society of Didactics of Mathematics (Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik, GDM), 13.-14. October 2017, Münster.


Virtuelle IT-Welt für junge Frauen
V. Dahl, N. Junghof, U. Paukstadt, T. Ziesmann, K. Bergener, I. Zeisberg, J. Becker, C. Denz
Network Journal of the Women's & Gender Research Network NRW 40 36-37, (2017); Link.


This website goes online!