Anna Wassum M.A.

Science communication manager
Portrait Anna Wassum

Faculty of Philology - Dean's office
Schlaunstr. 2 (visitors: Rosenstr. 9)
48143 Münster
Room 258
Phone: +49 251 83-24579

  • Areas of activity

    Press and public relations

    • Press and public relations work for all institutes and departments of the Faculty of Philology
    • Publication of upm press releases (abbr. aw) and homepage news
    • X account of the Faculty of Philology @fb09public

    • Bluesky account of the Faculty of Philology

    • Coordination and mediation of press inquiries
    • Contact partner within the faculty for all matters related to PR and corporate design

    Web content management

    • Design and editorial supervision of the faculty homepage
    • Event calendar updating, sharing faculty dates and deadlines with external portals
    • Consultation services (concept and design) for all departments of the faculty

    Research reporting

    • Contact partner for faculty staff in matters related to CRIS ("Research Database"), subdomain administration
    • Coordination of research reports and other applications in the area of research reporting

    Other activities

    • Coordination of the faculty's Research Council
    • Organization and planning of the department's biennial Research Day
    • Contact for faculty staff in matters related to modernisation processes in the area of internal and external communication