• Curriculum Vitae


    Exchange program Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation (LENC)

    Greifswald University, Germany

    Master of Science General Biology

    Faculty of Nature Sciences, “Eurasian State University named after L.N. Gumilev” Astana, Kazakhstan

    2009-2011 Specialist in the International Department of a Remote Sensoring  Enterprise
    2007-2011 Assistant guide/translator of birding tours

    Bachelor Ecotourism

    Faculty of Sociology & Economy, "Turan" university Astana, Kazakhstan

  • Memberships

    Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan

  • Publications

    International publications (peer-reviewed)

    in press
    • Koshkina A, Grigoryeva I, Tokarsky V, Urazaliyev R, Kuemmerle T, Hölzel N, Kamp J (in press) Marmots from space: assessing population size and habitat use of a burrowing mammal using publicly available satellite images. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation [doi:10.1002/rse2.138] Open Access
    • Kamp J, Koshkin MA, Bragina, Katzner TE, Milner-Gulland EJ, Schreiber D, Sheldon R, Shmalenko A, Smelansky I, Terraube J, Urazaliev R (2016) Persistent and novel threats to the biodiversity of Kazakhstan’s steppes and semi-deserts. Biodiversity and Conservation 25 (12): 2521–2541 [doi:10.1007/s10531-016-1083-0]

    Other Publications

    • “Impact of grazing on rodent communities in semi-desert areas of Central Kazakhstan”, International conference on conservation of steppes and semi-deserts in Central Asia, ACBK, 2013
    • “In search of White-headed Duck” ACBK news, 2013
    • “Steppe wolf”, ACBK  ACBK magazine “Green World”, 2012
    • “Jerboas – night jumpers”, ACBK magazine “Green World”, 2011
    • “Organization of ornithological expedition in the framework of the programme for environmental education in school”, Turan university, 2008

    Conference Presentations

    • International Conference on Conservation of steppe and semi desert ecosystems of Eurasia, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2013 (poster and publication)
    • Annual student scientific conferences, “Turan” University, Kazakhstan, 2006 – 2009 (talks and publication)