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Dr. Christian Lampei

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Group
Institute of Landscape Ecology
Heisenbergstr. 2, D-48149 Münster
room 515
phone +49(0)251-83 33 918
fax +49(0)251-83 38 338
e-mail christian.lampei [at] uni-muenster.de

consultation hours: on appointment

  • Research interests

    • plant adaptations on environmenal gradients (aridity, elevation, latitudinal, urbaniszation)
    • evolutionary ecology and genomics
    • plasticity and transgenerational plasticity
    • environmental epigenetics
    • plant genetic ressources for organic breeding
  • Possible master theses and bachelor theses

    Global variation of willow-herb

    Since summer 2019 a project is running in which we investigate how populations of the narrow-leaved willow herb (Epilobium angustifolium, or Chamerion angustifolium) differ along a latitude gradient from North Siberia to our latitudes, and along the longitudes from Lake Baikal to Münster. We have the plants in Münster and measure many properties. A bachelor thesis is currently examining the success of growth until flowering and phenology. Another bachelor's thesis examines the degree and effects of biting by predators (insects).

    Further bachelor theses or master theses are still possible in this project, as long as summer is outside with these plants. Or also in the winter associated with growing new plants.

    If you are interested, just send an email to christian.lampei (at) uni-münster.de

  • Publications
    International puclications (peer-reviewed)

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    *shared first authorship