Topics for theses

We are open for the supervision of theses. Under research you will find our current research focus areas as well as possible contact persons.

Your own ideas or wishes for a topic are welcome, feel free to contact us. Below you will find suggestions for theses in current projects. Together we can (almost always) develop new or modified topics for your thesis.

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Topics in the Biodiversity Exploratories 2023!

We need efficient restoration measures to halt the progressive degradation of European grassland biodiversity, functions and services due to land use intensification. Land use extensification could be the simplest technique for grassland restoration, based on the idea that returning to the land use intensity of a reference grassland system is sufficient to restore species-rich plant communities.The RecovFun project is testing a new holistic approach to determine the efficiency and mechanisms of grassland extensification as a restoration measure. To this end, the RecovFUN project is investigating the mechanisms of extensification in the novel, multi-site experiments (REX, LUX) of the DFG Biodiversity Exploratories (BE) framework project.

Topics for theses can be found here (German).

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New exciting topics are available on the biodiversity of quarries!

If you are interested, please contact Katharina Schwesig (R. 506,

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New topcis in the project BICO2 on beetles

Do you want to write a thesis about monitoring and assessment of beetles in the project BICO2?

Have a look here [german] and at our project site BICO2.

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