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  • International Publications (Peer-reviewed)

    Niemann, L. & Thielsch, M. T. (in press). Evaluation of Basic Trainings for Rescue Forces. Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

    Thielsch, M. T. & Hirschfeld, G. (in press). Quick assessment of web content perceptions. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction.


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    Thielsch, M. T. & Hadzihalilovic, D. (2020). Evaluation of Fire Service Command Unit Trainings. International Journal of Disaster Risk Science.

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    Klumb, P. L. & Thielsch, M. T. (2019). TBS-DTK-Rezension »S-Tool – Ein Online-Befragungsinstrument zur Erhebung von Belastungen, Ressourcen und Befinden am Arbeitsplatz«. Report Psychologie, 44 (3), 21-23.

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    Schulte*, T. L., Thielsch*, M.T., Gosheger, G., Boertz, P., Terheyden, J. H. & Wetterkamp, M. (2018). German Validation of the Quality of Life Profile for Spinal Disorders (QLPSD). European Spine Journal, 27 (1), 83-92. (* geteilte Erstautorenschaft)

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