• Research Areas

    • Experimental Petrology
    • Stability of smectite under high pressures and high temperatures
    • Crystallization conditions of the perovskite mineral in kimberlitic melts
  • Education

    PhD student in Experimental Petrology, UFRGS Brazil - WWU Münster
    MSc in Earth Sciences (Geochemistry), UFRGS, Brazil
    BSc in Geology, UFRGS, Brazil
  • Publications

    • CARNIEL LC, CONCEIÇÃO RV, KLEMME S, GERVASONI F, CEDEÑO C. . ‘Major and trace elements compositions of minerals from Rosário-6 kimberlite, southern Brazil.’ Contributed to the Goldschmidt Conference 2017, Paris. [Accepted]

    • Carniel L.C., Conceição R.V., Dani N., Stefani V.F., Balzaretti N.M., Reis R. . ‘Structural changes of potassium-saturated smectite at high pressures and high temperatures: Application for subduction zones.’ Applied Clay Science 102: 164-171. doi: 10.1016/j.clay.2014.09.037.
    • Stefani V.F., Conceição R.V., Carniel L.C., Balzaretti N.M. . ‘Stability of lanthanum-saturated montmorillonite under high pressure and high temperature conditions.’ Applied Clay Science 102: 51-59. doi: 10.1016/j.clay.2014.10.012.