Welcome to the mineralogy research group!


  • Crystal growth and dissolution processes, including ligand promoted dissolution of metal ions, using both natural chelating agents such as siderophores and anthropogenic chelators such as EDTA and DTPA
  • Crystal growth inhibition processes using organic inhibitors such as phosphonates and carboxylates
  • Mineral replacement reactions occurring at fluid/mineral interfaces and the subsequent development of porosity
  • Mechanisms of mineral-fluid interaction in nature and experiment: replacement reactions in solid solutions such as garnet, olivine, apatite, pyrochlore, KBr-KCl
  • Pattern formation during (non-)equilibrium crystal growth and dissolution-reprecipitation reactions
  • Solid solution-aequeous solution (SS-AS) relationships at equilibrium and non-equilibrium
  • Mechanisms of hydrothermal alteration of zirconolite and pyrochlore-group minerals and their dependence on the degree of self-irradiation damage