The Interdisciplinary Centre for Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis (ICEM)


This major initiative is a co-operative venture between the Institutes of Mineralogy, Planetology, and Physics to create a research environment in which several new instruments, as well as some existing instruments, can cooperate within the University. We believe that this Centre will provide a more efficient working environment as well as a forum for the discussion of projects which all have a central theme - the analysis of the structure and composition of solid materials.

The instrumentation comprises::

  • Zeiss LIBRA Transmission Elektron Microscope (AG Sanchez-Valle)
  • JEOL JXA 8530F Microprobe (AG Klemme)
  • JEOL 6610 Scanning Electron Microscope (AG Klemme)
  • Laser- Ablation ICPMS (193 nm Photon Machines Analyte G2 + Thermo Fisher Scientific Element 2) (AG Klemme)
  • Horiba Scientific XploRA Raman-Spectrometer (AG Sanchez-Valle)
  • TOF-SIMS (AG Arlinghaus)


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