MNF Day 2022


MNF Day 2022 in review

It was the successful start of annual tradition! We brought together member scientists, technical staff, companies and international colleagues for a day of talks, networking, poster sessions and more.

We had special guest presentations from REACH, a support center for university start-ups, and Pixel Photonics, a new, home-grown start-up company using the MNF to fabricate single photon detectors. They shared their experience, giving real-world tips to students interested in taking their research ideas further.

REACH offered students the opportunity to sign up for further specialized workshops, and our guests on the day were able to participate in tours of our cleanrooms. Students nominated by their PIs were invited to participate in two dynamic poster sessions.

To view last year's schedule, see MNF Day 2022 in our archive.

Picture gallery

Looking back at MNF Day 2022...


  • Company exhibition
    © Joe-Henrik Wessels
  • "From academic research to industry- lessons learned" Pixel Photonics presentation
    © Joe-Henrik Wessels
  • "Strike in nano bowling," Corinna Kaspar, 2nd place winner in the SEM Contest
    © Corinna Kaspar
  • © Melissa Pernice
  • © Melissa Pernice
  • Adaptive polymer morphologies through reversible block fragmentation- Yorick Post
    © Jonas Schütte
  • Cleanroom tour with Mostafa Amirpour
    © Jonas Schütte
  • Suna Azhadari, 2nd place winner in the Selfie Contest
    © Jonas Schütte
  • Hendrik Voigt, 1st prize winner in the Selfie Contest
    © Jonas Schütte
  • Lin Jin, 1st place winner in the SEM Image Contest
    © Jonas Schütte
  • Quantum Emitters on Demand- Hossein Ostovar
    © Jonas Schütte
  • © Jonas Schütte
  • Computing Microstructural modification of nanocomposite HEAs by swift heavy ion irradiation- Shabnam Taheriniya
    © Jonas Schütte
  • Pixel Photonics' laser game draws a crowd during the company exhibition
    © Jonas Schütte
  • Comparing notes and networking
    © Jonas Schütte
  • Dr. Sylwia Sekula-Neuner presents technologies
    © Joe-Henrik Wessels
  • © Joe-Henrik Wessels

Image contests winners 2022

We had particularly creative entries from MNF members in our image contests. The winners were:

  • First place, SEM image contest: Lin Jin with "Dali's first nanoscale mustache"
  • 2nd place, SEM image contest: Corinna Kasper with "Strike in Nanobowling" 
  • 1st place, Selfie contest: Hendrik Voigt with "The fear of vacuum break during TEM sample exchange"
  • 2nd place, Selfie contest: Suna Azhdari with "Would you like a nano cup of tea?"

See the winning images in the picture gallery above.

Our SEM image contest participants used the Crossbeam (340, 1540), Orion Nanofab, Velion or Jeol instruments in the MNF and their images were selected based on whether they had:

  • strong artistic compositions
  • detailed characteristics (brightness, contrast, focus)
  • technically sound with no charging effects, astigmatism, correct detector and acceleration voltage.
  • exciting image captions

Winning selfies were selected for:

  • including MNF instruments in the background

  • being creative and showing personality

  • showcasing students' research

A big thank you to our partners!
A big thank you to our partners!

Company exhibition 2022

During MNF Day, attendees were able to meet and learn more about the companies that manufacture our instruments, some local and some from abroad:


Download the talk abstracts

Download the list of posters

Time Session Presenter
8:00-9:00 Check-in and arrival
(due to space limitations, only registered attendees will be admitted!)
9:15 MNF Day keynote Prof. Carsten Schuck, Maik Stappers (WWU)
  A versatile FIB-SEM nanofabrication instrument and its applications in nanoscale science and engineering Torsten Richter (RAITH Nanofabrication)
  From simple dot to complex chip - creating functional interfaces Dr. Sylwia Sekula-Neuner ( GmbH)

Coffee break with Poster Session I and Company Exhibition

(11:40) Cleanroom tour Mostafa Amiripour
  3D device fabrication based on crystallographic nanolithography Prof. Niels Tas (Mesa+ Institute, U. of Twente)
  IR correlation nanoscopy with unprecedented spectral coverage Dr. Bogdan Aurel Sava (Attocube, SNOM Nanoscope)
12:45-13:45 Lunch and Company Exhibition
  Materials research at high resolution – connecting macroscopic materials properties to local structures Prof. Gerhard Wilde (WWU)
  From science to start-up – a career option for researchers? Dr. Anne Vortkamp (REACH)
  From academic research to industry – lessons learned Nicolai Walter, Dr. Wladick Hartmann (Pixel Photonics)

Coffee break with Poster Session II and Company Exhibition

(16:10) Cleanroom tour Riya Gupta
  ToF-SIMS and Laser-SNMS analysis of soft nanomaterials Dr. Bonnie Tyler (WWU)
  TERA-print – a new and powerful way to nanofabricate Jared Magoline (TERA-print)
17:00 Prize ceremony and closing remarks  
  Networking with beer and pretzels