Martin Winter honored with invited lecture in Pregl Colloquium

Named after the Slovenian chemist and medical doctor Friderik Pregl the Pregl Colloquium at the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana (Slovenia) is a magnet for chemistry-enthusiast scientists. The invitation to the colloquium can be perceived as an honor in itself. With the guest lecture of Prof. Dr. Martin Winter the colloquium in December 2017 focused on electrochemical storage solutions.

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Besides the state of research and current highlights in battery research and technology, Martin Winter gave an outlook on the state of technology and possible electrochemical storage solutions of the future.

The battery scientist could not only raise high interest for his topic in the electrochemical niche, which was already suggested by his lecture title “Truly Interdisciplinary and Cooperative”. In addition, the research field requires a strong collaboration of the scientific disciplines of physical chemistry, electrical engineering, process technology, modeling, IT, and also the industry to develop high performance batteries that are tailored for their respective application. The audience had different professional backgrounds and interests, which was reflected by a very lively and diverse discussion after the lecture.