Career Opportunities After PhD Graduation

Alumni Day of the ECS Student Chapter Münster Gave Impulses for Professional Future

Further pushing academia, daring the leap into industry, or founding a start-up: The career opportunities after PhD studies are diverse. The options and also hurdles linked to the respective career path were the focus of the discussion on the second Alumni Day, organized by the ECS Student Chapter Münster together with MEET Battery Research Center at the University of Münster and the International Graduate School BACCARA in mid-October 2023. More than 70 current and former colleagues of MEET Battery Research Center and the neighboring Helmholtz Institute Münster (HI MS) of Forschungszentrum Jülich came together to exchange experiences.


Networking as a Decision-making Aid

"The choice of pursuing a professional career after completing one's dissertation is a complex decision. This is why we have organized Alumni Day, providing a platform to inquire about the career paths of former peers," Elina Nazmutdinova, President of the ECS Student Chapter Münster, elaborates. "Our event not only allows for more professional and technical inquiries but also encourages participants to pose more personal questions that weigh heavily in the decision-making process." With Dr Daniel Buchholz, Xiaofei Yang, Dr Niloofar Ehteshami-Flammer and Dr Ron Hendriks, four former MEET and HI MS colleagues gave insights into working in industry. Dr Juan Pablo Badillo and Dr Friederike Reissig explained what opportunities a start-up can offer, while Dr Jasper Wattjes of the REACH - EUREGIO Start-up Center provided insights into the process of founding a technical start-up. This year, our ‘career fair’ also showcased a compelling example of an academic career, with Dr Ruben-Simon Kuehnel illustrating the attractive possibilities within an academic’s career path.

All speakers agreed on one important point: Networking opportunities, such as those presented by the Alumni Day, are essential – for both the PhD studies and the early post-graduate phase. A strong network not only helps to get in touch with potential employers early on but also expands one’s perspectives and accumulates diverse experiences. This proves to be particularly beneficial when making decisions about the professional future.

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