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What to expect

Pre-produced guide / backing tracks and tutorials were used to explain music and come to a shared interpretation of the Mozart Requiem. Communication through Email and Live-Chats plus joint Zoom-Sessions* were provided to all participants for additional questions and exchange of experiences with the project.

To complete the summer school and earn credit points, participants are asked to record tracks of their voice/ instrument after the first Zoom session and with the help of video tutorials that were available throughout the project. Every student got their own educational licence for the online recording program called „Soundtrap“ where they could not only access Mozart but also create their own projects.

2 Credit Points were awarded for successful participation in the programme, accredited by the International Office of the University of Münster.


*The WWU-version of ZOOM as a platform for videoconferences follows the WWU measures on data protection and matches thereby the German data protection laws (DSGVO).