| October 6th-9th in the Überwasserkirche, Münster
October 6th-9th in the Überwasserkirche, Münster

Sound Installation "Brahms - The Sound of Distant Presence"

The Sound of Distant Presence goes into the second round: this time with the German Requiem by Johannes Brahms. A piece of music that not only fits well into a time still marked by pandemics because of its genre, but also retains an unusual linguistic quality as a "Requiem for the people" that is reflected in the joint - albeit virtual - music-making.

The Sound of Distant Presence was further developed into a project series due to the positive response from musicians and audience alike, which can also accompany us through the possible next lockdown, enabling joint music-making in an international context and providing space for new musical encounters. Marion Wood, creator of this digital teaching and concert project, has thus created a format that not only unites musicians of different nations, instruments and levels of performance, but also represents a way of offering a special experience of music to audiences yearning for culture in times of social distancing and musical loneliness.

In the first round, this experience generated an emotional enthusiasm in a large part of the nearly 2,500 listeners over a week's duration that can hardly be achieved in a normal concert setting. Carried by the collective wandering through the exhibition with individual choice of listening - an interplay between overall sound and focus on individual instruments or voices - and embraced by music that could not appear closer in any other setting, interested listeners* are again invited to a sound exhibition from October 6 to 9 in the Überwasserkirche Munster. With the choice of the Brahms Requiem, the exhibition setting will be expanded from 64 to a total of 96 loudspeakers, but the principle remains the same: one voice or one instrument will sound from each loudspeaker, and thus in its musical uniqueness as well as in the harmony of all the international musicians of the project series, it will be a concert experience of a special kind.

Opening hours
Wednesday (6.10): 10-18
Thursday (7.10.): 10-18
Friday (08.10.): 10-16 / 20:30-22
Saturday (09.10.): 10-16 / 18:30-22

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Welcome to "Brahms - The Sound of Distant Presence"!


After the successful WinterSchool "Mozart - The Sound of Distant Presence" with a total of 140 participants from 14 different countries, we are now entering the second round and will rehearse and record excerpts of the German Requiem by Johannes Brahms in June via ZOOM sessions and work in a joint online sound studio!

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What to expect

Collaboration with international young musicians, regular online rehearsals over a period of four weeks & a reproducible exhibition that can also be set up in your city - sounds good, doesn't it? Read more about it here!

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All dates at a glance: When does it all start? Are there support sessions if I'm overwhelmed with the technology? Are there also social events planned so that I can get to know my fellow musicians better?

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The Brahms Project is coming to a close, and Registration is no longer available.
If you are a teacher, conductor, or coordinator and are interested in similar projects, we would be happy to share our experience and expertise, or plan future collaborations! Please write us an Email here.

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Sound Installation

The project culminates with a live sound installation with 96 speakers, each playing a single voice or instrument, just as in a real concert.
The audience for our previous project were unexpectedly touched, and it sold out four times over!